Exodus of Chinese nationals ?


    More than 6’000’000 Chinese nationals have requested asylum in South East Asia, Europe and North America from China due to repressive policies that have impelled the ‘great exodus’, according to a UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

    According to The Hong Kong Post, no citizen is spared when it comes to the crackdown. Technology giants including Alibaba, Tencent, and Didi are also facing a series of investigations over a range of issues categorised in “regulatory” norms which induce massive layoffs.

    Many chinese citizen have also invested in companies and real estate and the serious situation of both the chinese banking system and the situation of construction suffering huge delays, shortage of construction materials and important private-loans systems shady regulation has turned the average new chinese middle class into the anxiety of another period of restrictions and poverty which has never been forecasted since the early 80’s.

    In addition to these « human problems », the meteorological problems have triggered massive floods and increased risks of food shortages.

    In order to control the possible social unrest, the government is thigthening his grip on the population and the private sector.

    The norms include limiting the number of hours allowed for children to play video games, cracking down on celebrity fan culture and limits of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms used by tech giants.

    These regulations are being introduced to put an anchor on tech giants since their growth and influence in the past 15 years have been dramatic, the Hong Kong Post reported.

    A recently leaked report cited by the media outlet stated that Yang Huiyan, who is also known as China’s richest lady in the present day, has acquired a “golden passport” in Cyprus by applying to the European Union Citizenship.

    It is to be noted that human rights activists or anyone who supports and echoes democracy has been constantly targeted by the Chinese government. Moreover, the suppression of ethnic minorities has become the new normal in China.

    In Hong Kong, more than 93,000 residents left the city in 2020 alone, whereas the number in 2021 was 23,000.

    Apart from the Chinese nationals, foreign citizens have also been leaving China due to the strict government policies in the wake of COVID-19 and the resultant harsh lockdowns.


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