An International DJ And Producer

    Shayan Samadi better known by his artist name Sha7an, is a musician, producer and international DJ born in Iran. His interest in music which culminated ever since he was young has brought him till here from where he rules the roost.

    he has been playing at numerous events and parties across the globe and is steadily finding his place amongst the best performing DJs of the same period

    He knows the art of spinning discs impressively. and that’s what makes him an effective artist who knows his music well.

    On top of that, Sha7an has also done well in the remix space and has gone beyond and started composing to further her career.

    Because of his expertise and ability to create a mix of songs,he has also served well in the remix space. “Jumong (Sha7an Remix)” is the first track he has released the singer of this track,” Sepehr Khalse”, is one of the most famous Iranian rappers.

    This track is a remix of rap and Iranian-style music which was the first time this style was released to the Iranian music market. It went crazy in just a few days of its released and it is still a huge hit among everyone. So far, it has more than 10 million plays from international platforms.

    He’s performed in some events like hype events in Iran and also has performed Along with celebrities such as Iranian singers, including Ebi, Arash, Sahar, and Ahllam.

    Currently, he is working on his original songs in the deep house and tech house genres. “By Your Side”, ”Don’t Ask Me Why”, ”I Know” are some of his recent single tracks that has been released from famous record lables. They are available on various platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud where you can easily listen to them.

    Undoubtedly, shayan is positioning himself more and more in the music industry, his work and the contribution that he has been doing speak for him and are a reflection of his dedication.


    Keep up with Sha7an below:





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