Waste Collection Changes for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Wastemanagement - Image by Depositphotos.com
Wastemanagement - Image by Depositphotos.com

THUNDER BAY – LIVING – The upcoming National Day for Truth and Reconciliation will result in date changes for waste and recycling collection during the week of September 26. City residents with regular waste and recycling collection will receive collection one day earlier.

The following are the new waste collection dates:

Table 1- Table of Waste Collection Changes

Calendar Area/Zone New Collection Date Service
Blue Area 1, Zone 1 Monday, Sept. 26 Garbage
Blue Area 1, Zone 2 Monday, Sept. 26 Garbage & Recycling
Orange Area 2, Zone 1 Tuesday, Sept. 27 Garbage
Orange Area 2, Zone 2 Tuesday, Sept. 27 Garbage & Recycling
Green Area 3, Zone 1 Wednesday, Sept. 28 Garbage
Green Area 3, Zone 2 Wednesday, Sept. 28 Garbage & Recycling
Pink Area 4, Zone 1 Thursday, Sept. 29 Garbage
Pink Area 4, Zone 2 Thursday, Sept. 29 Garbage & Recycling

There is no collection on the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, Friday, September 30. The Solid Waste & Recycling Facility (the landfill site) on Mapleward Road will also be closed on this day.