Rahul Maharaj Believes His Show “Your Life Experiences with Rah” Is Here to Change Lives


    We all have been through a point in life where we reluctantly stifle many things we want to express. It can be emotions, feelings, or hurtful experiences. But because we fear the repercussions, we don’t let these simmering thoughts out of us. We bury these toxic memories inside ourselves. And hence, a tragedy is born. Perhaps Maya Angelou spoke wisdom when she said, “There’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

    In the long run, when we adapt to staying silent, we implicitly dig a graveyard of these untold stories within ourselves. This results in recurring traumas or, worse, anxieties of varying severity. Unfortunately, it takes one bad experience to realize how important it is to be open about them. But perhaps, with shows like Your Life Experiences With Rah, the reckoning has begun.

    Rahul Maharaj, the host of the show and an advocate of mental health, has taken a step toward introducing a safe space and creating an enabling environment. He has started a show where people can come forward and share their untold stories with the world out there and let their words be the message of hope and sympathy for many struggling souls around the world.

    “Your Life Experience With Rah is for everyone – it’s for you, me, and everyone else who has seen the rock bottom worst in their lives, or perhaps going through that phase right now. My show is a safe space for those struggling with inexplicable pain or trauma,” says Rahul

    “Here, they can come and talk about anything they shudder to mention elsewhere. I know that our society doesn’t support, or isn’t sensitive to mentally suffering individuals. There’s a quotation that often comes to my mind when I see such people. It says, “people turned down by society become its biggest laughing stock” – but my show has created a worldwide community of those who are suffering but want to get out and live a happier life,” he further added.

    A YouTube-based show, Your Life Experiences With Rah, is now 4 years old and has aired numerous episodes so far. These episodes have starred actors, athletes, artists, and children who defeated their demons and now are on the track to an accomplished life. The show runs under the motto “from where you were in life to where you are today” and surprisingly, it’s home of inspiration for many around the world. What’s more, this show has changed a plethora of lives.

    “I wish this show would never stop and heal many like me!” said one of the fans of the show. Rahul says he receives tons of messages from all over the world commending him on his great job, encouraging him to not stop YLEWRAH. In mere four years, the show has registered itself as a trailblazer in the awareness campaign about mental health. And with Rahul Maharaj still in the host’s seat, there are no apprehensions about the marvelous future of the show.


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