Top Three Franchises Practicing Preventative Medicine

    Three Franchises

    Especially over the last few years, health and wellness have been at the forefront of our minds. However, with all the hype and fear around the different methods of maintaining our health, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are so many options! How on earth is one to choose? 

    This is why we compared three of the leading health and wellness franchises working with preventative medicine, and assessed what sets each brand apart. We evaluated them based on their business model, overarching value proposition, number of locations, and online presence. 

    We discussed the following franchises: The DRIPBaR, Liquivida Wellness Center, and Revive. Let’s see what these companies are all about. 

    The DRIPBaR

    The DRIPBaR works to support the health of their clients through IV vitamin therapy and additional services like botox, weight loss plans, a longevity program, and food sensitivity testing. However, their website is pretty vague about what these practices entail and how much they cost. The main focus of DRIPBaR seems to be cellular wellness from IV vitamin therapy. With about 45 franchise locations nationwide, you may be able to find a location near you to meet your wellness needs. 

    As far as their IV options, they seem to have a collection of options, with both lifestyle and health support drips. Their lifestyle drips include 14 different treatments, all of which focus on “feeding your cells to fuel a more balanced life” and encourage boosts in energy, immune system functionality, and hydration. 

    The IV Health Support Drips “can give you the advantage needed to overcome the consequences of modern toxic exposures.” With only three Health Support drips, High C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Chelation, the user can get what they need without getting overwhelmed. The DRIPBar also offers 5  “Intramuscular Quick Shots” in case you are short for time but are still looking for a boost.  

    The DRIPbar also offers some mobile drip options, so that your wellness can come to you! They offer select IV vitamin therapies for delivery within 10 miles of each location. 


    • Offer mobile services
    • Focus on cellular health
    • Treatments created to prevent common illnesses like dementia, heart disease, and cancer


    • Website does not give specific information 
    • Other services may be overshadowed by IV therapy treatments
    • Vague details about their experience and expertise

    Liquivida Wellness Center:

    Liquivida Wellness Center emphasizes health as a whole. In addition to being a growing franchise, Liquivida also functions as a leading distributor of Liquivida IV Drips across the United States through its affiliate network. While smaller than its counterpart “DripBar”, Liquivida still provides a relaxing, vacation-like experience at its 30 franchise locations. Liquivida offers a variety of practices to focus on holistic wellness, meaning they approach health from multiple angles. It’s not just about eating well and exercising. Liquivida considers the whole person. Sam Tejada, former Firefighter/Paramedic and Liquivida’s founder, envisioned a modern spa experience that offered preventative medicine while making people feel younger, more energetic, and in control of their health.

    With a reputation built on IV Therapy, Liquivida can customize your treatment based on a blood test that determines current or future health indicators. Liquivida’s medical team uses data gained to determine what vitamins you might need, and what conditions you might want to monitor in the future. They emphasize that they “look at cellular health” because that’s where they believe the aging process begins. Looking at the health of the cells provides Liquivida with a more in depth perspective on wellness than what you might get at a regular doctor’s office. 

    Though they are currently best known for their IV therapies, Liquivida offers additional wellness treatments too. Unlike their competitors, Liquivida developed a telehealth program during the pandemic, and it remains popular across their locations. From the comfort of your home, you can receive Hormone Replacement Therapy and weight loss solutions, and you can promote your sexual health, which makes Liquivida more accessible than its competitors. It’s really a one-stop shop for all of your wellness needs in a relaxing spa-like environment. 

    From their website, which is a bit less organized next to some of their competitors, we can deduce that Liquivida offers beauty and skin treatments and additional health and wellness scans to complete the experience. They also offer a program called “The Vida Journey”, in which they want to accommodate your health needs through whatever life might throw at you. This journey again begins with the blood work and leads into specialized care. Working proactively, Liquivida can identify exactly where their clients are deficient and what services might optimize the client’s health.

    The PROS: 

    • Great overall branding
    • The Vida Journey uses blood tests to help identify what treatments will best serve their clients 
    • Telehealth options

    The CONS:

    • No prices listed online
    • Fewer locations can make the franchise more difficult to utilize 
    • They are currently better known for IV Therapy than their other services  


    Revive considers not only your present health, but that of the future. With a synergistic healing approach, Revive wants the different components of health (like physical, psychological, social, and emotional) to work together to achieve wellness within each level. They work with the full body and explore several options to help their clients feel their best. At Revive, they “look to cater to the needs of all of our community and restore youth, beauty, and mental wellbeing.”

    Revive offers six main services that include vitamin therapy, hormone treatments, aesthetic supplements, regenerative medicine, laser hair removal, and laser skin resurfacing. Much of their treatment focuses on an anti-aging component so that patients can “rediscover their inner youth and let it flourish.” Unfortunately, they do not offer virtual services, but emphasize that they are expanding their businesses. They now have twelve locations in different regions of the country. They also offer monthly memberships so that you can get the best deal while receiving the care you are looking for. 

    The PROS:

    •  Clear website
    •  Offers monthly memberships
    •  Strong focus on aesthetic anti-aging treatment

    The CONS:

    • No telehealth option
    • Fewer locations makes it difficult to access
    • Fewer IV therapy options than their competitors

    The Verdict

    All three franchises have positives and negatives, but we found that Liquivida Wellness Center, although not the largest, had the best business model and was the most comprehensive in their services. We appreciated that Liquivida focuses on the health of the whole person, including the health on the cellular level. Liquivida is mid-range in franchise numbers so they can provide the quality of a small business without customers feeling like they are lost in the crowd.

    We also really liked that Liquivida will create customized treatments based on findings from the blood test, and that several treatments are offered in the comfort of your own home!  With their extensive background in IV therapy, as well as the “Vida Journey” and their other wellness therapies, we feel that Liquivida is the best all around health and wellness experience.

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