The Sensational RJ TRICKSHOT: Zahidul Islam


    Zahidul Islam, affectionately known as RJ TRICKSHOT by his viewers, gained fame when he became the youngest pool trickshot artist in the world. He went viral after uploading a video of himself doing pool trick shots to YouTube and has since gained thousands of views on the platform with numerous videos and posts gaining traction online.

    About him

    Zahidul Islam started playing pool when he was thirteen years old. began practicing trick shots when he was 13 years old and has never looked back. He is influenced by  Mike Massey and, especially, Florian Kohler. His favorite trick shots are the jump shot and the splash shot which involve one ball jumping into another ball to make it fly off in a different direction. The most difficult trickshot for him is the long-distance ricochet because you need three balls lined up just right before you shoot. He plays pool, billiards, and artistic, or trick shots for 5 hours every day after his studies. And does it all without wearing any glasses!

    How it all started

    It all started with his school where he practiced research on pools and got interested. Playing professionally has allowed him to hone his skills, but there’s a lot more to it than just that. He trains every day in different things: practicing shots, practicing trick shots, and more. During each training session, he is striving for perfection and tries to go as far as he can go before plateauing. He practices with the intention of making himself better so he can play pool better and make the people who watch him happy. He doesn’t want anyone to think about anything other than the pool game when they see him play because he wants them to be engrossed in the game. 

    His proudest achievement

    “Having Florian visit my house and teach me a few tricks while also letting me in on some of his secrets was an amazing experience. Perhaps one day he will be proud of how well I have progressed and how far I have come” said Zahidul. He didn’t always know about the game but now he does which is why this hobby has been so enjoyable for him. He’s started learning the more difficult shots and is starting to get the hang of them. After some time he got into trick shots and discovered that it’s much more challenging than a regular pool because it requires such precise control over both speed and angle to get the ball where you want it to go.

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