Abdelaziz Ben Ferjani (or Aziz as his friends & family call him), may be young, but he’s already a force to be reckoned with in the world of branding and digital marketing. He and his co-founder, Seif Eddine Mezzi, founded a marketing consulting agency boasting a team that worked with several big brands from famous influencers & celebrities to Fortune 500 companies. He works largely on influencer-led marketing projects, conducts social media growth hacking, and gets massive PR exposure for his clients. As an expert in marketing, Aziz knows what it takes for brands to unlock explosive growth thanks to digital marketing campaigns. Anything regarding advertising using websites, emails, blog articles, and social media platforms is involved in a well-rounded digital marketing campaign. It’s far more involved than simply paying for an ad to be shown somewhere. While paid ads still have their place in a campaign that drives growth for a brand, they could get very costly. That is why Aziz takes advantage of several other avenues as well. Thanks to this multi-pronged approach, he was able to launch his marketing agency with far less overhead and expenses than most others. This allowed him to create a lean business while still helping unlock tremendous growth for brands online.

    Here are the primary digital marketing strategies Abdelaziz uses to drive growth:


    Public relations has been shown to be 90% more effective than advertising when it comes to establishing credibility. Anyone with some extra cash can create an aggressive advertising campaign, but it takes much greater skill and nuance to manage public relations directly. Nonetheless, it’s one of the quickest ways to increase credibility for your brand and associate yourself with bigger companies and brands. By putting your brand out there and connecting with larger platforms, you can build curiosity, interest, and credibility — all at the same time.

    Mailing Lists

    Email is still the digital communication medium with the highest engagement rate. There are no complex algorithms that hide content from consumers. If someone is signed up for an email list, they will receive everything a brand sends them. This avenue of direct communication can be absolutely free to set up and become remarkably effective.

    Social Media Presence

    A big social media presence has the potential to work even more effectively as a marketing strategy than maintaining a robust mailing list. Billions of people use social media every day, which means you have access to an incomprehensively large audience. As with a mailing list, establishing a strong social media presence doesn’t have to cost anything. It will take time to create a presence that has a large following, reach, and engagement. However, Aziz believes it is well worth the time put into it.

    Sponsored Posts & Paid Ads

    While you can do quite a lot without paying a penny, there are some digital marketing strategies that will require you to spend a little bit of cash. Sponsored posts on blogs and influencer social media accounts are one, while paid ads on websites and search engines are another. These can usually be highly customized according to your needs. They also come at every price point. There are plenty of places to run paid ads and content, so shop around and pick the best deal for your needs. According to Aziz, when you apply these digital marketing strategies to your brand, you are bound to see explosive growth online fairly quickly. However, if you’re finding it challenging, you can always link up with him, and he will be happy to guide and support you to success.

    You can learn more about Abdelaziz’s agency, Digital Phosphenes, by visiting their website. You can also follow him on Instagram @abdelaziz.ferjani or reach out to him on his Linkedin account.

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