From Psychotherapist to Coach: Dr. Marc Hafkin Empowers Clients to Reach Their Every Goal

    Dr Marc Hafkin

    One of the fastest growing sectors in the world is the Coaching industry, as more and more professionals are seeking out mentors and experts who can help guide them to the next level both personally and professionally. Many successful entrepreneurs credit their mentors with accelerating the growth of their businesses at a pace that could not be achieved on their own. After all, if you want to learn how to be successful, seek out an expert to learn from – as you would with learning any subject or industry.

    Dr. Marc Hafkin is one such Coach, who has transitioned from a successful psychotherapy practice of 45 years. Despite spending over four decades addressing the pathologies of sexual difficulties, emotional dysregulations, and conflict resolution, Dr. Marc Hafkin began to do extensive research on identifying an individual’s strengths and building upon them. He found that many clients do not want to be diagnosed with a mental disorder; many are seeking to grow and learn rather than focus on their mental blocks and why they exist.

    While Dr. Marc Hafkin continues to work with individuals, couples, families, and veterans, he has found that his Positive Psychology and Master Certification in Coaching training have made him a desirable Coach for businesses seeking to empower their senior staff. His approach is to teach skills that will encourage growth while facing personal challenges head-on.

    Dr. Marc Hafkin believes that we are currently on the cutting edge of helping to educate people on how to achieve success. He is convinced that change is possible, but having someone that believes in you is so important when striving to reach that next step. With patience, perseverance, and determination, you can focus on a goal and take the “baby steps” needed to achieve the goal.

    Much of what Dr. Marc Hafkin practices in his work is straightforward encouragement and reminders that any goal consists of simpler, smaller steps being taken one at a time. By asking the right questions, he is able to convince clients to not give up on what they set out to achieve.

    In so many ways, Coaches inspire their clients and quiet the discouraging voices, whether they be internal or from outside sources who do not believe the client should be pursuing self-improvement. The most successful people eventually remove anyone from their lives who do not fully support their goals, dreams, and visions.

    Dr. Marc Hafkin cites his own experience of transitioning from a Psychotherapist to a Coach when breaking down the steps it takes to achieve a goal. He knew that he would be able to apply his previous training and acquired skills to his new career, but there would be a process he had to follow.

    “I first read up on coaching and what it entailed. I took courses in Coaching in order to become a Master Certified Coach. I made a point of talking with coaches to learn how they managed their business. I gained experience in coaching through numerous practical learning in coursework and implementing what I learned. I began to talk with people on creating a website and what to include,” he says.

    Much like his clients, Dr. Marc Hafkin needed to create a strategy to overcome the obstacles in his way. Now, in addition to his corporate clients, he offers Individual Coaching, Group Coaching, Couple Coaching, Remarriage and StepFamily Coaching, and Veteran Concerns. He excels in accelerating transformations, identifying strategies that can be applied as challenges occur, and building bridges from old narratives to new, effective narratives.

    Of course, having such a personally fulfilling career helps to drive Dr. Marc Hafkin in all of his pursuits. He is passionate about helping people in their growth processes while simultaneously growing his business. 

    Your life-changing transformation may be just a Coach away. Learn more about Dr. Marc Hafkin here.

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