Ripul Mahajan: How to stay Unaffected by the Opinions of Naysayers


    Every person who has ever achieved anything of worth or created anything of note in life has always been besieged by hordes of critics waiting to attack and demean their endeavors and successes at every turn.

    For those who have made it on their terms and have had their abilities validated by long-term success, the opinions of naysayers and haters are like water off a Duck’s back. Yet for those just starting on their journey, the opinions of naysayers can be quite toxic and detrimental.

    Many aspiring entrepreneurs have called time on their dreams because they paid far too much attention to the criticism of others. Ripul Mahajan knows all about keeping faith and believing in yourself when all those around doubt your worth. It is one of the cryptocurrency entrepreneur’s defining attributes, and a trait he is keen to stress the importance of to those looking to make a name for themselves in any field.

    “If I listened to others when I was just starting I would never have made my first dollar,” explained Ripul Mahajan, before elaborating, “You have to understand that envy and resentment is the driving force of many people. They see others going for the same goals they haven’t got the guts to strive for and it undermines their self-esteem.

    As a consequence, they will say anything to dampen the fire in your belly and take the wind from beneath your wings. Worse, they will dress such demotivational opinions and criticisms as for your own good. Don’t listen to them! You are the architect of your fortune and director of your fate. Self-belief is your engine and once you start listening to the naysayers that engine breaks down and your journey is over.”

    If there’s one thing that Ripul Mahajan doesn’t lack, it’s self-belief. The cryptocurrency entrepreneur got in on the crypto action early when others were hesitant to take the plunge or doubted its long-term future. As a result, he has made a fortune and the 26-year-old from Kashmir does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

    He explained, “I guess you could describe me as a man who is on a mission and that mission is to keep growing, keep developing, keep achieving and be the best version of myself I can possibly be whilst living my best life. Something that is only possible if you ignore the naysayers and stay true to your path.”


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