SoundMind & Reality ENT, LLC. Uses Tech Solutions to Revolutionize Music Distribution



    Summary: SoundMind & Reality ENT, LLC. is a unique company aiming to help budding musical artists grow their careers. The company is utilizing unique tech solutions to introduce the future of music distribution and promotion.

    Leveraging cutting-edge tech solutions to create a truly innovative music promotion and distribution platform, SoundMind & Reality ENT, LLC. is passionate about helping budding artists get their music out to the masses and make it big. The company is now offering an array of services that give musicians the peace of mind that their career is in the right hands. From mixing and mastering to distribution and marketing, SoundMind & Reality is a one-stop-shop solution for musicians of all genres to attain scalable success with their music.

    Company founder and owner KJ Calli made an official press statement “Here at SoundMind & Reality, we are highly proactive about helping talented young musical artists grow and thrive. We offer full-spectrum, tech-driven success solutions to musicians, no matter which phase of production their music is in. Our professionals will help artists with final mixing and audio mastering in order to add a professional touch to the finished project. In addition to marketing and distribution, we also manage pretty much every step of the process for our artists, along with creating highly integrated websites that attract more listeners.”

    SoundMind & Reality treats its roster of artists like family, and gives them the support and encouragement they need to be at their best. With the company continuously developing new services to offer more and more opportunities to musicians, their family of artists is growing rapidly, with many noteworthy artists joining the SoundMind & Reality family in 2022.

    More details about SoundMind & Reality ENT, LLC. and their full list of services can be seen at

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