The millionaire maker: No #1 Business Mentor in Europe Javid Niazi-Hoffmann reveals five insights into how his clients are building 6- to 7-figure coaching and consulting businesses online


    This insight know-how should interest every coach, consultant, service provider, or expert:

    Javid Niazi-Hoffmann, No. 1 business mentor in Europe, awarded five times in a row by ERFOLG magazine as a TOP expert and a coaching millionaire by himself, gives a look behind the scenes and reveals five insights that only his customers otherwise experience:

    How a coach or expert can quickly and easily set up a 6-figure or even 7-figure coaching or consulting company. And where the biggest pitfalls await on the way to becoming a coaching millionaire.

    Insight number 1: Understand what your customers want

    Understanding what your customer wants or needs is one of the keys to great success. Now one thinks that would be natural. It is not.
    All too often coaches and consultants write about themselves as “experts in the XY method” on their homepage or communicate that they are “couples therapists”, “yoga teachers” or “real estate consultants”, possibly adding “certified with …”.

    And here comes the secret: For the target group of a coach or expert, it is irrelevant what title the coach has or where he did his training. All that matters is, “Can this person help me?” So: “What result will I get if I take advantage of this offer?”

    And that is the message which should be transported.

    Let’s have a look at the following example of a relationship coach:

    “I help spouses and couples when the relationship is on the verge of failure. I support them to rediscover their former passion and to fall in love all over again and forever.”

    Because according to Javid Niazi-Hoffmann: “You are not selling your time. You are not selling your knowledge. You are not selling your expertise. You are only selling the result your customer gets from accepting your offer.”

    Insight number 2: Premium works in every niche

    Many coaches and consultants come up with the argument: “I have already tried it myself. Raising my prices does not work in my line of business.”

    There are exactly two reasons for this:

    * either these coaches or consultants believe their work is not worth it,
    * or they think it is worth it, but they believe that no one will pay the higher price.

    Let us take a closer look at the first problem:

    The coaches and experts believe their work is not worth it. The reason for this is that the expert is stuck on the belief that his performance has something to do with the time he has invested, with his expertise, or with his certificates. But the value of his work depends solely on the result.
    What is it worth to never have a backache again?
    What is it worth to be relieved of a fear of flying or claustrophobia?
    What is it worth to lead a fulfilling partnership?
    It is all priceless, isn’t it?
    And if it’s priceless, then it’s worth whatever price an expert takes for it.

    Let’s look at the second problem:

    Coaches believe that nobody pays that much money for it.
    That is also a belief…
    It feels good to spend a lot of money!
    Anyone who has ever bought a car knows what we are talking about.
    It is also a fact: customers who pay more often get better results than people who pay less.
    Apart from the fact that the coach’s income goal is much easier to achieve with expensive products than with low-priced ones.

    Insight number 3: Develop a premium coaching / expert-program

    What doesn’t work is changing your precious time for money. It would mean that every business is already capped from the start. Because even the best coach has only 24 hours a day.

    The way which gets coaches and consultants out of this time-for-money trap is a group coaching program that takes place, for example, once a week. In the group, the participants inspire each other and feel that others have the same problem.

    If required, a hybrid of 1:1 and group coaching can also be offered by including one or more 1:1 sessions in the coaching program.

    Insight number 4: Cashflow first

    The traditional way: first become a “celebrity”, win your “fans” and then present your offer as a coach or consultant.

    That means:
    * Build a YouTube channel and publish hundreds of videos
    * Create a blog and produce tons of content and publish it for free
    * Write best-selling books and promote them well enough to appear on the best-seller lists
    * Construct a top-quality website with perfect SEO and backlinks

    and then maybe you will win a few customers.

    Practice shows that it does not work that way. Many coaches and consultants have beautiful websites, write an interesting blog for years and produce great podcasts, but do not earn any money.

    The antidote:
    A simple funnel that constantly attracts new customers – even virtually 24/7:
    Ad → webinar → face-to-face meeting → customer

    It can be that easy, without a blog, without YouTube videos, and without tons of content on your website.

    Insight number 5: Only work with the best

    There are several ways for every coach and consultant to achieve their goal:

    The way of the amateur: the amateur thinks he knows everything and that he can do it on his own. He unnecessarily loses time and after a while he is frustrated that he is still not further, although he has already tried so many things. Eventually, he runs out of energy and gives up.

    The way of the stressed person: the stressed person is highly motivated, attends one seminar after another, and at some point realizes that nothing fits together. The result: frustration and resignation.

    The way of the master: masters know that their time is precious and that time gone will not come back again. They want to take the shortcut to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Masters immediately go to coaches, consultants, or mentors who have already achieved what they want to achieve.

    And for all masters among the readers of our magazine, Javid Niazi-Hoffmann has a special offer:

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