Catching Up with Dr. Louis Hampers 

Dr Louis
Dr Louis

Dr. Louis Hampers has had an illustrious career in pediatric medicine, truly embracing every facet of the field. He firmly believes he was born to be a Pediatrician.

Professionally, Dr. Hampers has attained the highest level of education and training. His undergraduate degree was completed at Dartmouth College, followed by dual degrees in Medicine and Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the Wharton School.

After completing residency training in Pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and sub-specialty training in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Dr. Hampers worked as a Medical Officer at the Presbyterian Church of East Africa Chogoria Hospital in Kenya for one year. 

It was during his time in Kenya that Dr. Hampers gained confidence in his ability to perform a variety of complex surgeries and administer emergency, life-saving care for a large number of patients.

Upon returning to the United States, Dr. Hampers began fellowship training for Pediatric ER in Chicago. Fellowship training introduced Dr. Hampers to the research component of medicine, as well as an opportunity to become a teacher. Following his sub-specialty training in Chicago, he joined the faculty at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, eventually becoming an Associate Professor in 2007.

After relocating to Denver, Dr. Hampers served as the Medical Director of the Emergency Department at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado and Section Head of the Section of Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

At the onset of the COVID epidemic, Dr. Hampers donated his time to a general urgent care clinic. He found great satisfaction in his ability to help families.

Dr. Hampers’ research foci include language barriers in medicine, variation in physician practice patterns, urgent care and fast track medicine, febrile seizures, tropical medicine, and substance abuse treatment.

Learn more about Dr. Louis Hampers on his website and in a recently published online profile.


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