How ArtisGain Is Revolutionising Forex Cashback On Their Free Platform In 2022


    The Foreign Exchange Market aka Forex (FX) is one of the largest financial markets in the entire world. It is a 24-hour global market where one currency is traded for another currency at a fixed price, online or over the phone. Some market participants, such as multinational firms, are just looking to convert foreign currency back to their own. But a significant portion of the market is made up of currency traders, who make predictions about changes in exchange rates in an attempt to make a profit.

    Like with any stock market we look to expert traders and masters in the field to lead the way. Dragos Moldovan professional trader and technology provider is the founder of ArtisGain, a Cashback Forex company that allows traders to earn cashback on every trade. Not only does this company specialise in Forex but it also has brokers in the Stock and Crypto market to cover all of your trading needs. ArtisGain has solid partnerships with over 100 reliable brokerages in the industry to ensure their members get the best possible trading conditions and has already paid out over $296k in cashback in just 8 months.

    The idea of this particular cashback service is to help traders become more profitable but in a totally free manner. With a degree in Capital Marketing and working in the trading industry himself, Dragos knows how hard it is to beat the market and become profitable. He has created a service that has a direct impact on each of his clients’ trades with immediate effect, by reducing their commissions/spreads by trading with one of ArtisGain’s brokerage partner firms. The trading conditions remain the same, as if the client is opening their trading accounts directly with the brokerage and not through ArtisGain.

    Trading across any of the giant market platforms, Forex, Stock, and Crypto has become increasingly popular with over $5.4 trillion traded daily on Forex alone. Due to the volatility of these ever-changing markets the potential for very profitable rewards can come with very high risks. By joining a company such as ArtisGain and getting Forex rebates on every trade it helps to eliminate some of the risks and improve the likelihood of making a profit.

    ‘‘Even if your trading strategy is already profitable you can easily improve it, without having to invest money and time to analyse and run various algorithms to improve the logic. Simply getting cashback on each of your trades leads to a higher profit margin.” Said Dragos when naming some of the benefits of his free service ArtisGain. There are no other investment services that are free and have such a rapid and positive impact on trading performance and profitability.


    ArtisGain is certainly growing in popularity and has a substantial amount of good brokerage partnerships in comparison to its competitors making it a top pick for traders wanting to join a Forex gain platform.

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