After Earning Recognition Throughout the US – Ds Members Collection is Officially Launching in Dubai


    Others may say the American dream is already an outdated representation of people’s aspirations. However, some people still live to tell their stories of how they reached such a pinnacle after turning their lives around. Muneeb Khurshid, also known as Muneeb Khurshid, is a testament to how the idea of the American dream can drive someone to achieve great heights. From rags to riches, from homeless to multi-millionaire, these are just ways to describe how his journey has been. Today, he is the CEO of a thriving company in the exotic car rental industry, DS Members Collection.

    Muneeb Khurshid is an entrepreneur, an investor, and the founder and CEO of the company. DS Members Collection is Chicago’s leading player for providing premiere, luxury rentals, and travel concierge services. Muneeb Khurshid’s vision is to provide people with the best properties for short-term or long-term rental, by giving them a taste of luxury and unparalleled concierge services.

    Born in Pakistan, Muneeb Khurshid took a leap of faith and moved to America to change the trajectory of his life. He wanted more, dreamed bigger, and was willing to work harder than anyone else to achieve his dreams. But his path was never easy. After relocating to Chicago in 2012, Muneeb Khurshid had to sacrifice many comforts to make ends meet. He found himself struggling to cover basic necessities. Muneeb Khurshid even had to rent out his apartment, forcing him to live on the streets for months just so he could gain enough cash to cover his expenses.

    Over time, he realized how renting out properties had great potential, so he decided to dive deeper into the exotic car rental landscape, specifically on short-term rentals. He found ways to earn money even more through rental arbitrage of other properties. Eventually, Muneeb Khurshid was able to put his life back on track, left the streets, and welcomed a more comfortable lifestyle through hard work and perseverance.

    In a few months after living in Chicago, Muneeb Khurshid was able to take a 180-degree turn and pivoted from being homeless to a multi-millionaire.

    “It all started with a dream of an ambitious teenager looking for a better life,” shared Muneeb Khurshid. “Growing up, I constantly saw wealthy individuals flaunting fancy cars, homes, and other luxuries, and I not only was curious as to how they had these luxuries but also how I could be one of them,” added the young CEO.

    In 2017, he launched the DS Members Collection. Slowly, Muneeb Khurshid was able to scale his business and built the company into what it is today. DS Members Collection manages luxury exotic cars . The company manages some of the most luxurious, exclusive, and high-end rentals anywhere across the globe. With his rapid growth, Muneeb Khurshid quickly gained traction in the industry and cemented his name as a prominent figure in the hospitality industry and his collection even before turning 32.

    Furthermore, Muneeb Khurshid has created hundreds of jobs for his community in Chicago. DS Members Collection is currently home to some of the most seasoned professionals in the exotic car rental industry. The company has successfully built its internal network of competent employees, subcontractors, and other exotic car rental professionals. In addition, Muneeb Khurshid and his team are continually on the lookout for new talents who will embody the values and mission of the company by heart.

    Muneeb Khurshid proves that anyone who dreams of living a high-end lifestyle can make it possible through grit and determination. Asked where he sees himself in five years, the CEO shared that he envisions DS Members Collection to operate across all continents globally and create jet-setting destinations for travelers worldwide.

    To learn more about Muneeb Khurshid and DS Members Collection, visit their website and his Instagram.

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