Mudasir Farooq : The Rise of an Internet Celebrity

    Musadir Farooq
    Musadir Farooq

    Who is Mudasir Farooq?

    Mudasir Farooq is one of the most recognizable faces in Kashmir he is a well-known content creator, Influencer, and YouTuber from north Kashmir Sopore Town. He is the Founder and Owner of the Top and most reputed entertainment brand “Koshur Kalakar”. Mudasir is a well-known filmmaker, and video producer from the valley and has been awarded “content creator of the year” from north Kashmir. Mudasir Farooq holds the degree of “MA in Journalism and Mass Communication” from Punjabi University.

    What has Mudasir Farooq’s personal life been like?

    Born on the 8th of May 1993, 29-year-old Mudasir Farooq has truly made his dreams a reality. Mudasir Farooq hails from Sopore, India. Growing up, Mudasir Farooq led a simple life, unaware of the huge success heading his way. He was still unsure of where exactly he wanted to take his life when it was time for Mudasir to begin higher studies. So, he chose to pursue Mass communication and journalism at Punjabi university Punjab.

    How did Mudasir Farooq’s career start?

    After completing studies in Mass communication and journalism at Punjabi University in Punjab, 29-year-old Mudasir Farooq was selected by a US-based Multinational photo and video editing company – Pixopal as a Project Manager in Pune in 2016. Mudasir later founded the “koshur kalakar” youtube channel in Late 2018 and since then he has never looked back. The channel got more than 600k followers on different social media platforms and got more than 100 million views to date and become an Internet sensation in Kashmir.

    What was the next step in Mudasir Farooq’s journey as a Content Creator?

    Mudasir Farooq started small but he quickly collaborated with some of the top brands and influencers from more than 50 Companies thus promoting himself to the local as well as a national audience. Within not even a full 12 months in a year, Mudasir had multiplied his follower count on youtube by 1000 every day. Through his hard work and endless determination, Mudasir Farooq began to start working on web series, Short films, and music videos.

    What should we expect from Mudasir Farooq in the future?

    Mudasir Farooq is always proving himself to be ambitious and goal-oriented, and ready to struggle for these goals. “I’m not going to stop here. Now that I’ve established contacts and people recognize me, I’m going to make sure I put them to good use. In my brain, I’m working on a massive project. I’ll talk about it once the plan is in place.”, Mudasir Farooq adds. It will be quite fun to see what this content creator comes up with next.

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