Transportation: Greyhound and Trailways of New York Dissolve Partnership


New York – Transportation – Family-owned Trailways of New York announces the end of its almost 25 year partnership with Greyhound Bus Lines.

Valued at over $50 million in revenue annually, the partnership began in 1998 and placed the two major ground transportation carriers under one alliance along bus routes including New York to Toronto and New York to Montreal.

Dissolving the agreement between the two companies gives Trailways full control over the end-to-end travel experience for passengers, allowing it to reaffirm its commitment to providing affordable, comfortable and dependable transportation.

“As a family-owned and operated business for almost 100 years, we want every rider to feel cared for, but this wasn’t possible in our partnership with Greyhound,” said Eugene J Berardi Jr., president and CEO of Trailways of New York. “We weren’t able to operate our routes the way we wanted but that all changes now.”

Trailways will continue to operate along the New York to Toronto and New York to Montreal corridors, but with many improvements to the rider experience, including:

  • Dynamic scheduling allowing for added buses to meet the demand on popular routes
  • Ticket agents stationed in all major bus terminals to provide on-site customer support
  • Enhanced digital-first online experience due to multi-million dollar investment in and

“With travel top of mind and consumers hoping to return to the road, now is the time for us to take back control and reclaim our position as a leading provider of affordable, comfortable and dependable transportation for those wishing to explore along the New York to Toronto and New York to Montreal routes,” continued Berardi.

For nearly 100 years, North Americans have depended on Trailways to confidently explore the world around them. Every Trailways ticket unlocks new possibilities for long-awaited reunions, thrilling adventures, or simply welcoming what the weekend brings. Trailways has been making regional travel easier and more accessible to weekend warriors for decades, providing a surprisingly affordable, reassuringly comfortable, and relentlessly dependable service on every ride.

Trailways is the perfect exploration option for the sustainability-minded traveler. In fact, bus travel has been proven to use the least amount of energy and produce the lowest carbon dioxide emissions per passenger mile of all travel modes including air, automobile, and rail transit.1

About Trailways of New York:

Trailways of New York (AdirondackPine Hill, and New York Trailways) operates over 150 trips per day to more than 140 destinations in New YorkNew Jersey, and Canada. The largest, and longest continuously operating, privately held, intercity bus carrier in New York State, Trailways of New York boasts an unmatched legacy of service in the region. Gateway cities include AlbanyBinghamtonBuffaloMontrealNew YorkRochesterSyracuse, and Toronto. As an interline partner with Amtrak, and member of the National Trailways Bus Network, Trailways of New York is able to connect millions of passengers to thousands of destinations throughout North America each year.

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