David Spearman Talks About the Impact of Listening to the Music


Did this happen to you? You are returning from the office, listening to the radio, and suddenly some music plays, and you start enjoying it. Suddenly, all your tiredness vanished, and you started feeling joyful and energetic. 

One more scenario: You went to a club or concert. Suddenly, you hear the music, and your body starts dancing to the tunes. Suddenly, you feel lots of joy and good emotions. Did this happen to you, ever? This is the magic of music. Famous musician David Spearman, who created the famous song Gangsta, says that “Music gives you the adrenaline rush you can’t get elsewhere.” 

In recent medical research, it was found that when someone listens to music that gives them joy, it releases dopamine in the brain. It was found that dopamine levels were high, up to 9%, when someone listened to their favorite music. So, what is dopamine? It is a type of hormone, also called “happy hormone,” that we receive as part of a reward system. It is created in our minds naturally, and it gets secreted when we do the work that we really want to do. 

Famous music psychologist Dr. Vicky Williamson from Goldsmiths College, University of London, shares that research shows that music is inextricably linked with our most profound reward systems. 

Apart from listening to music, theory suggests that playing music makes you more creative and improves your brain’s memory capability. So, the next time you feel tired, anxious, and bored, make sure you listen to your favorite songs and deep dive into the pleasant and rhythmic music world. 

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