Prime Ape Planet: A successful NFT project about to make the next big leap!


    The biggest privilege any NFT project on the blockchain can have is a thriving community of users who love the project. Many factors contribute to the success of an NFT project and the Prime Ape Planet is a project that played it all right. The Prime Ape Planet has been one of the most successful projects on the blockchain with record-breaking sales.

    What went right with the project’s NFT collection?

    There are various metrics of their NFT collection that make them one of the most desirable collections of NFTs on the blockchain. To start with, the complete design and creation of the NFT collection are spearheaded by a star-struck team of designers and artists who have the privilege of working in big-budget animation motion pictures like the Lion King, The Witchers, Avenger’s Infinity War/Endgame, and much more.

    As the name suggests, the NFT collection available in the project drives inspiration from the primal animals on the planet, The Apes.

    The complete collection is divided into two major segments, the Prime Kong NFT collection and the Prime Ape NFT collection. Apart from these major segments, the project gives the holder the flexibility of customizing and increasing the value of their already bought NFT by combining them with digital art elements referred to as poisoned bananas within the project to create a third segment called the Infected Prime Ape NFT Collection.

    The Prime Kong NFT collection holds the highest value proposition in the entire collection followed by the Prime Ape NFT collection. The difference in value did not make any difference in the two NFT segments getting sold out within minutes, the instance they went live. The trade volume combined reached nearly a total valuation of $100,000.

    The Community-Inclusion Phase:

    The staggering success of their NFT sale contributed to the amazing community of more than 400,000+ users live on their discord. understanding the demand of their holders and trends in the market, the project is now slowly phasing out into a more community-inclusive project.

    The complete ecosystem of the Prime Ape Planet will undergo a major revamp. The revamp will give rise to a holder-only community with its own set of features that is aimed at giving maximum returns to the holders.

    Native Token and Use Cases:

    The holder-only community will have features where the holders can stake their NFTs to earn their soon-to-be-released native token. The Native token minted from staking their NFTs can be used for various applications that will be available within the project.

    Some of the applications that the holders can access with their earned tokens include, exclusive early bird access to upcoming blue-chip projects, purchasing Merchandise from the project’s brand line, access to the native play-to-earn game, and the right to vote that will drive major decisions in the project’s DAO.

    Real-world Utilities:

    Apart from the various application and use-cases within the project, the project will also soon roll out and enable real-world-utilities applications. Some of the applications will include access to exclusive deals, access to events at high-end locations, promotional opportunities, and many more.

    Brand Merchandise Line:

    Out of all the things mentioned, one of the most anticipated releases expected from the project is the release of their brand merchandise line. The NFT sale of the project is a huge driver of understanding that the community loves the design and art language of the NFTs and it is only fair that the project gives them the same experience with physical collectibles. The initial phase of the brand merchandise will operate on a print-on-demand schedule and will slowly move to large-scale production after understanding the demand. The PAP merchandise will be exclusively available only on the holders-only platform creating more demand for the project in the NFT space.

    Apart from all the features and expected roll-outs, the major aim of the project is to help build a sustainable and in-demand circular economy that will work on more of a give and receive operational model creating demand and stability for the project to reach greater heights!

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