Alfred Dzadey Is The Consultant And Investor People Should Look Up To When Looking To Flip And Grow Businesses.

Alfred Dzadey
Alfred Dzadey

Most people who become successful entrepreneurs have a story of determination and hard work that got them to where they are today. Alfred Dzadey is no exception.

In this article, he shares his story of how he became a successful entrepreneur despite facing many obstacles along the way and offers advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Alfred Dzadey was born on the 25th of November in 1992. His professional career started off with him realising that this wasn’t his best opportunity to build the wealth that he aspired to achieve so early in his career, so this led him to explore opportunities outside the corporate world. He decided to use his life savings to educate himself and focus on his personal development so that he could become more valuable in the marketplace.

His first business venture was in concerts where he would borrow private funds and offer a good return to his investors while he utilised the capital with a partner to run concerts for university students. In parallel he got himself educated in property investing. His first property project was to convert a residential home into multiple units for rental income.

He successfully managed to raise finance once again from private investors to carry out this deal. The results of this deal were fantastic. This only furthered his drive to continue working hard and achieving his goals.

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