Meet Third Marble Marketing: The Company Innovating Affordable Google Ads for Small Businesses

Third Marble Marketing
Third Marble Marketing

Chris Fawcett started Third Marble Marketing from his basement in 2009 after being a marketing executive of 7- and 8-figure companies—mostly in the retail sector— because he wanted to help the small business owners of his community in Richmond meet their needs and provide for their families.

Nowadays, Third Marble Marketing is a consolidated Google Ads Management and SEO company of almost 20 professionals that has devoted the last 12 years to develop an innovative approach to cost-effective marketing. Their unique method has helped thousands of small businesses in America take advantage of an effective online ad service that they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.

“Henry Ford did not invent the automobile, but he made a process that enabled him to manufacture the car for half the cost so everybody in America could afford and drive a car. In the same way, we did not invent Google Ads or SEO, but we created a process that cuts the cost so the average local business owner can afford it.”, states Chris Fawcett.

Third Marble Marketing achieved this by developing a seamless process that gets out of the way almost all of the project management chores that small businesses don’t have time to deal with, and shortens the duration of the planning phase to a tenth or less by using a practical approach based on testing.

“We differentiate ourselves from other digital marketing agencies: onboarding meetings, project kickoff meetings, project management software… If a project has an identified beginning and an end, then what is in between is expensive and many times unnecessary, especially for the needs of small businesses, whereas in a process-driven agency, we take care of every step of the way.

“Strictly speaking, you could literally sign up for our service and not talk to anybody and we could take the service from beginning to end.”, says Third Marble Marketing’s CEO.

For an agency that started in 2009, they have amazingly kept their commitment to helping local businesses. By that time, many other companies would be craving the attention of the big firms, but they have preserved the spirit and the mission that originated Third Marble Marketing: helping local communities grow.

“We rather have 100,000 clients that spend a couple of hundred dollars a month than having 100 clients that spend 100,000 dollars. We can handle a high volume of clients because our process makes it so efficient that we can manage a lot of clients and also beat everybody’s prices.”, states Fawcett.

The fidelity to their mission is explained also because everybody in the team is on board with it. They have grown as a company by focusing on small, independently owned small businesses that hire people in their local community, and the desire to help those communities is one of the main criteria to add someone to the team.

During the pandemic, Third Marble Marketing’s mission became more important than ever, with small businesses struggling to even survive, and many people creating side jobs to meet the needs, they realized that their role in helping American communities was absolutely necessary.

“During and after the pandemic we have been serving a lot of online shopping businesses because many startups and side jobs that started 2 years ago and built themselves a website in a shopping platform or something like that, have now become permanent businesses that need to do Google ads to keep growing”, he states.

For Katie Bonner, Marketing Manager of Third Marble Marketing, the main challenge the company faces nowadays is changing people’s paradigm about online marketing, and making them know that effective advertising does not need to be expensive.

“Many of our clients have been disappointed or simply turned down by companies that charge astronomical fees and lock them into 12-month contracts with one month planning phases and strategy meetings and so on, without seeing the results of all that expense.”

To keep in line with the company’s mission, she balances her responsibilities with managing some of the company’s accounts: “I like to have a portfolio of my own so I can know what’s happening with the company related to the clients”, she says.

“One of my favorite clients is a voodoo priest”, Katie says, humorously. “I love those kinds of clients: priests, flower stores, cycling shops, etc., because they show us we are helping communities. These types of businesses are a niche service and people that look for that service really want it, so to be able to put it close to them and help them grow is one of the amazing things about what we do and that keeps our staff excited about our work”, says Katie.

If you are interested in knowing more about Third Marble Marketing and its team, we recommend you to visit their website and social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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