Making Sense’s Unique Approach to Digital Transformation: User Experience at The Center of Software Development

Making Sense

Making Sense dives deep into their clients’ business to identify their needs and craft technology solutions that make those businesses more profitable and sustainable. They do it by putting user experience at the center of any digital transformation project.

Cesar D’Onofrio was already a competent software engineer when he was in his 20’s, but he felt there was something limiting his ability to do quality software. “I realized developers believed good software was something that complies with coding standards, and paid little attention to the experience people had while using it,” he recalls. César intuitively started incorporating user experience (UX) concepts to his programming and soon that set him apart from his colleagues.

After learning everything he could about UX, César co-founded Making Sense in 2006. He started several digital ventures that have become successful businesses —one of which later became one of the biggest email marketing platforms in Latin America— but Making Sense has remained his flagship. This is solid proof of Making Sense’s magic power: creating or transforming businesses through digital solutions.

Making Sense is not a regular “on-demand” software development company, they go beyond that. They identify the needs of their clients and craft technology solutions to make their businesses more profitable and sustainable. This is how they conceive “digital transformation” and achieve it by putting user experience at the center of any project.

Normally, developers prioritize programming logic over usability when they develop softwares, working separately from user experience specialists. Once they’ve done their job designing a solution based on logic, UX specialists have to break their heads coming up with a usable interface from the structure that the programmers have given them. This often results in a sub-par experience for the users.

Making Sense’s unique approach puts UX first by doing things differently. Instead of working separately, a team composed of both user experience specialists and developers designs every solution in collaboration, with the concept of UX at the top of the priorities.

This is why 20% of the entire company, including all areas, is composed of experienced UX designers, UX engineers  and product analysts with an extensive perspective in design thinking. “Other companies can say that they incorporate user experience as part of their development process, but few will be able to do it at the level we can. We have built a very strong UX department whose members have a protagonic role in every project,” César says.

Making Sense capacity to transform businesses has a lot to do with their discovery process, a two to four week deep dive into their partner client’s business. This discovery phase is not your typical onboarding activity, they go at it with a business perspective that lets them find not only the pain points but the aspects of the business that can become disruptive with technology.

Martina Massa, Marketing Manager of Making Sense, explains that their objective is to go beyond their partner clients’ “software requirement” to be able to build something that helps them grow as a business and make them “future-proof”, the main reason for this is that they see their clients much more as partners with whom they look forward to creating long-term relationships for mutual growth.

“We want to craft solutions that help our partners’ businesses evolve and grow, and we want to keep helping them succeed and be disruptive through time,” she states.

There is a core value that has driven César D’Onofrio’s life during his whole career and that he has imbued in Making Sense’s cultural DNA: “Whatever you do, do it with passion, try hard, and sooner or later, you’ll find the way to succeed,” he says. The team he has built, the Making Sensers, are a reflection of that, a group of people that strive to be the perfect combination of logic and passion.

If you are interested in knowing more about Making Sense and their unique approach to digital transformation, we invite you to visit their website, LinkedIn or Instagram.

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