Singer Jay Singh to pen a romantic Punjabi song. Know more!

Jay Singh
Jay Singh

What is the first thing you do when you start falling head over heels in love? Pick your favourite romantic song and glide into your la-la land. For everyone who is in love, get ready to dedicate a new song to your partner! And before you throw your whys and who, we must tell you that the aced singe Jay Singh is intending to pen a romantic song in Punjabi.

We know that Punjabi songs always want you to shake your legs, but there are a few classic love songs as well that will give you butterflies in your stomach and we are sure Jay Singh’s will be of a similar kind. Speaking of the song, the singer says, “I really wanted to do a romantic song. Though I wasn’t very sure about writing it on my own, now I’m very confident about it.”

Don’t you wish to know why he wants to do a love song? Jay Singh says, “This song is very close to my heart. I haven’t just written any song, the lyrics of this one are taken from the beautiful experiences of my life. I shall update you as soon as I finalise the writing.”

We know you are very much excited to know more about the song and we are particularly sure that this song will make it to your playlist just like Jay Singh’s other songs. His voice has the magic to mesmerise our souls and leave us worldless. The singer has already showcased his talent by delivering awe-inspiring songs.

Jay Singh has been residing in the musical realms for years. Shows, weddings, party nights, clubs, cafes and whatnot; the singer has stunned his fans everywhere and every time. A few of his songs include Kya Baat Ay, Naah, Patola, Suit Suit, Ve Maahi, etc. We hope his Punjabi romantic song soon makes an announcement.

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