Having a loyal and trusting partner is imperative in running a business when trying to reach that next level. It can take some entrepreneurs years to find the right partner that is consistent, innovative, and passionate enough to help carry a business through the challenges that present themselves as the complexity and workload begins to skyrocket. As ambitions take over, who better to trust to represent your brand as accurately as possible than your actual partner. Eli and Mike are excelling doing just that.

Couple and realtors Eli and Mike are proving to completely change what it means to have a good work partner. Both, being well-respected experts in their fields, Eli Delgado is the co-owner of The Mortgage Guys, a lending and loan company where he has over 20 years of experience and has found abundant success in. Eli’s partner, Mike Vizcarra, is an equally expert real estate agent of over 6 years working with real estate service Ambiance Realty making it the most perfect marriage of expertise one could have with their company, M&E Real Estate.

What makes this combo in partners so perfect is that they are both able to work and build towards the same goals with often the same clients and peers by very cleverly being able to cover all sides of the industry of real estate together. This way makes it a simple feat to grow personally, as well as their businesses at the same time while being able to provide an all-around quality package for their consumers. Eli and Mike are better able to pick up after each other as well as support each other full time for every challenge and decision every step of the way.

Having been together for 11 years with 2 children together the greatest strength in a power couple like Eli and Mike in business is their evolved abilities to confront challenges. It is a well-known fact that all healthy couples are apt to get into arguments often which leads to there being an absolute necessity for development in the skills of conflict solving, and resolution. Couples in business have a large advantage over conventional business partners as they are able to resolve issues much more quickly and effectively, especially after 11 years of practice. As Eli puts it, “It’s great to bounce the work off of each other. Partnerships take our business to the next level, and it is great to know that you can rely on someone else.”

Mike and Eli sets a very unique spin on what qualities to look for and what it means to have a partner in business. They have been able to carry each other’s weaknesses, learn from each other’s strengths, and prosper from the time and effort they have spent cultivating their relationship. They just may prove that sometimes it may be best to seek your support closer to home where you can fully trust and understand it, than looking through the crowd for someone, with whom you just may not be on the same page with.

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