How Philanthropist & Entrepreneur Apoorva Bob Beri Inspires Others to Help Make the World a Better Place

Apoorva Bob Beri
Apoorva Bob Beri

Actions speak louder than words. And when it comes to the talks of making the world a better place, it’s not that difficult. It gets easier when one realizes the connection between them and their habitat. Apoorva Bob Beri is a family man, philanthropist, and a successful entrepreneur who understands his responsibility to contribute toward the betterment of the world where people he deeply loves will have to live.

Having achieved impressive success in his business ventures, Lend with Bob and Beri Distribution, Bob admits he is determined to make more money. Since it wouldn’t be possible for him to help himself, let alone others, if he didn’t have the resources. He works tirelessly to achieve his goals and is never reluctant to face new challenges. By empowering himself, Bob’s ultimate goal is to empower others.

He landed in Canada, hoping for a better future. Since then, Bob has made a name for himself in the mortgage and e-commerce space and believes this is only the beginning. He aspires to “make it big” in the real estate industry and create a one-stop solution for buyers and sellers where they can get everything under one roof and have all of their needs catered to.

A prolific background in the logistics business in multiple regions, where he worked with big companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Vodafone, Dabur, and Kraft foods, gave him the confidence to get into the e-commerce industry. Bob’s penchant for sales was apparent early on as he got into the business after earning his master’s degree from Cardiff University in Wales, UK.

His unique style and an eye for fashion, combined with his dominant yet charismatic personality, enabled him to succeed right after starting, and he’s never looked back since. From logistics to eventually starting his businesses in Canada, Bob’s life journey is an inspirational tale exploring the possibilities of never giving up amidst the numerous inevitable hurdles in life.

Bob seems to have done it all with a hustler’s mindset and a drive for constant personal development. He avoids distractions because his time is precious. Interestingly, he sleeps only 4 hours a day and manages his time to be able to do justice to his multiple responsibilities in the numerous roles he’s excelling at.

A self-made man who started from scratch to get where he is today, Apoorva “Bob” Beri wants to make it easier for others. While his businesses serve to facilitate others in getting private mortgages and the following requisite resources to get a roof over their head, Bob makes sure to utilize his spare time in helping the people he can, often going out of his way.

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