Derivative trader and RippyGod Capital LLC’s Hasan Marafi explains how the fintech sector has influenced trading


All those professionals working in the finance industry are aware of the ever-growing demand for fintech. It is the booming industry that has grabbed the attention of everyone, especially the investors. “Fintech is not just a buzzword, but a revolution that is changing the facet of financial services”, says Hasan Marafi, founder of RippyGod Capital LLC. Many believe that fintech is only about banks and loans. However, it is expanding in other sectors including trading. Experiencing the disruptive force of fintech, Hasan Marafi is creating lucrative opportunities for traders and investors.

The wave of change created by fintech in the banking sector saw the rise of digital banking. In a similar vein, fintech has changed the game in the trading sector as well. Earlier, trading whether stocks or forex was limited only to experts from the field. But now with the advancement of fintech, anyone can trade online by opening accounts on respective trading platforms. 

“Traders can explore different horizons sitting in any part of the world. That’s the power of technology, where you can execute trades and manage trading accounts in just a few clicks”, comments Hasan. Coupled with the real-time information available, fintech continues to influence the trading industry like never before. Through his expertise, the 25-year old entrepreneur is consistently sharing his knowledge about trading and how to make money online.

Besides this, Hasan Marafi’s RippyGod Capital LLC offers an array of online courses and mentorship programs. With an experience of more than seven years, Mr. Marafi is living his life free from financial obstacles; and the same he has envisioned for the younger generation. When asked about the innovative changes Hasan Marafi plans to imbibe in his company, he stated that RippyGod Capital LLC will be the ideal place for all the retail traders. 

Currently, Hasan Marafi along with his business partner are working on introducing a new financial technology that will be a game-changer in level II and smart money orders through quantitative advantage. As the duo plans to revamp their business model, their trading firm will create opportunities for budding traders and investors. To know about Hasan Marafi’s ‘rippy way’ of trading, you can enroll on the mentorship program and join his online trading community Rippy Global to achieve financial freedom.

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