King Palm Shares its Big Plans for 2022


The brand introduced its handmade, all-natural leaf wraps this year, and has quickly grown in popularity

While 2020 was difficult enough for everyone due to the pandemic, 2021 was the year of picking up the pieces.

King Palm saw the rise of its brand in 2020, followed by a year of managing explosive growth while life returned to some semblance of normal. Now, the brand is going into 2022 well equipped with the next steps and ready for the new challenges.

Like so many online figures, the founder of King Palm saw their brand skyrocket while the world was in quarantine. It was almost too much too fast, and the entrepreneur credits a great team for managing a growth that would have been too much for one person to handle.

Now with revenues flowing in, King Palm has expanded their “irreplaceable” staff for structured scaling, which has taken the business to new heights.

The goals for 2022 are more growth, more interaction with fans/followers, giving people what they want, and professional development to keep things on course.

The founder of King Palm has learned what has and has not worked – and is looking forward to taking this knowledge into 2022 and beyond.

While 2021 was a blockbuster year, King Palm is striving for 2022 to be even bigger and better. Despite the still-present threat of Covid-19, the availability of the internet means this brand can still run at full capacity and continue to grow.

As this organization was built on a digital existence, it will continue to thrive on this model. King Palm has big plans that include new products/services, improved social media campaigns, and figuring out how to organically involve users/customers into advertising.

Some businesses are still on a rollercoaster of highs and lows, making it difficult to project revenues and make decisions on inventory, staffing, and tech requirements.

Luckily, King Palm has worked out an effective formula by averaging strong and weak months to make an educated decision on operating costs. This ensures there is cash flow when needed and any surplus just goes back into the business for an additional buffer.

Real-time experience and growing this brand from a small digital storefront to an online powerhouse has taught the King Palm entrepreneur crucial lessons.

They have had to brush the dust off more than once, but knowing what not to do is more important than executing every activity flawlessly – which is just one of the many pieces of knowledge that King Palm will be utilizing in the new year.

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