Why do we Hate Pests so Much?


What is it about mice, rats, spiders, and flies that disgust us? What harm could it do to leave them be? We investigated.

There are numerous pests in Australia. It is world-renowned as being the home of some of the worst pests on the planet. We have plagues of spiders, but we also have plagues of spiders that can kill us with a single bite. Our hospitals prepare with anti-venom. Our homes are under constant supervision to stop any intruders in pest form. 

Pest control is a massive part of Australian life. We spend thousands of dollars every year securing homes and businesses against the ravages caused by tiny teeth and claws. What we want to know is why? What would happen if we stopped trying to control the onslaught of pests? What is the worst that could happen? Let’s find out.

The Cost of Controlling Pests

Having pests removed from your Australian property can cost anything from $300 to $700 for a single sitting. You can pay $250 for a pre-purchase pest inspection, which is the inspection of your property for pests before you commit to buying it. Depending on the size of your house, how many rooms it has, and where you live, the service costs can increase. 

In 2022, the market size of pest control services in Australia stood at $1.3 billion. This will rise year on year like any sector, but it will increase faster. Last year’s mice plague and the problems that it has caused are evidence enough that pest control is still necessary on Australian soil. However, we want to know what would happen if we stopped trying to engage in pest control? What would happen if we gave up the fight and let them run riot?

Is Pest Control Worth It?

This leads us to whether pest control is worth the momentous effort we put into containment. We can turn again to the mouse plague for inspiration here. We know that the mice have caused underlying issues. It isn’t just that they spread disease on their paws. It isn’t just that they are overrunning farms and eating their weight in crops. It is the tunnels they are burrowing through things. Mice chew, and what they chew, other animals follow. Mice might dig the tunnels, but foxes, badgers, and rats will use them. One pest invites more, and the cycle continues.

In our homes, we could leave the spiders unchecked. Then, we might wake up to several spider bites and a trip to the hospital. We could ignore the termites in our yard. They could spread to the woodwork of our homes, damaging the foundations and forcing us out. If left unchecked, termite populations can turn forests into desserts. Termites cause an estimated $1.5 billion in damage in Australia every year.

Rats, birds, and other creatures all carry feces on their paws. Flies and spiders track these germs throughout your home. Remember, they are particularly partial to any tasty foods you leave lying out. Ants will remove the food, going permanent scouts in your home looking for more.

No matter how you cut it, the cost of not removing pests is far higher than the money we spend on keeping our loved ones safe. It’s about protecting your home. When you consider the potential consequences, $300 is nothing.

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