King Palm Keeps Evolving Thanks to the Company’s Unshakeable Mindset

King Palm - revolutionary producer of natural leaf wraps

King Palm is not just another smoking company; this revolutionary producer of natural leaf wraps has been doing things differently from the very start. In an overly saturated industry, the team behind the company knew that they could create a better product that would have no harmful effects on the body while still providing a fantastic and seamless user experience.

“Our products are all-natural. We spent a lot of time and money on research in order to come up with the best type of leaf wrap that would be super easy to pack. Rolling is hard, and many people hate it, so we thought we’d help make their lives easier. Back in 2012, we identified the need for a slow-burning wrap that contained no tobacco. We sourced and reviewed various kinds of leaves, and the Cordia leaf won against all other alternatives. We established a factory with local farmers in Southeast Asia and began production,” a member of the team says.

The product was so good that demand spiked. “In 2017, we had $2.5 million in back orders. We had to work extremely hard to keep up with the demand. The following year, demand blew up and rose by 40%,” the team member shares.

The rapid growth of King Palm can be attributed to the quality of the product and the winning mindset of the creators and the team. “We’ve surely had many obstacles. Everyone does. But we’ve also had minimal failures because, time and again, we’ve chosen to be optimistic. We’ve always done things differently; that has never scared us, but energized us, instead. Our mindset is to always keep up with innovation and to continuously do research and development. For example, when we were working on our line of flavored products, for some time, customers were not satisfied with it. So we put in even more time and energy. The demand for our factory to deliver the best flavor was huge, and in the end, it did,” the team member recalls. Eventually, the difficult process of creating the perfect flavor culminated in the creation of King Palm’s Berry Terps and Banana Cream, which are now loved across the board.

According to King Palm, failure becomes true only when the journey stops. By refusing to accept failure as such and coming up with creative solutions, the company has managed to remain in business and become popular and in great demand. As proof of this demand, King Palm started in the US market and has since expanded into Canada, Latin America, Australia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Israel, and South Africa, while all products are stored in the company’s headquarters in California.

The company is poised for steady growth. King Palm is on the market to cater to anyone who loves a good smoke and enjoys traditional joints, blunts, or hemp wraps. Their clients fall in the age group between 21 and 50, which is quite a broad audience. King Palm aspires to be a household name that is often mentioned in pop culture and continues providing the best natural option when it comes to picking the vehicle for medicinal herbs.

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