Blocking Systems At The Casino: How To Avoid


Joining the online world will elevate your casino experience. This activity has been around for games as an excellent source of entertainment. Thanks to technology, you can access your favorite online casino from the comfort of your own home. You might wonder why your account got banned if you are new to this. There are several reasons why the site would restrict your account. In this post, we explain how to avoid blocking systems at an online casino!

Reasons for banning an account

An online casino has strict regulations for new and existing users. Keep in mind that your account can get banned because you don’t comply with the rules. Or, the protection system might try to secure your account by blocking it. In addition, we go into each reason in detail.

Multiple login attempts

One of the cases for blocking your account is multiple failed login attempts. This is one of the protective measures to prevent hackers from getting into your account and stealing your cash.


KYC regulations require the website to verify its users. This practice is required to ensure the site can’t be used for money laundering. Licensed websites need you to submit your ID for verification when creating an account. If you are a new user, you will be required to enter your personal information to be verified. If you don’t comply with the regulations, your account can be banned.

Underage player

The laws set a minimum required age for casino players. If the casinos don’t comply, they risk losing their license or paying a hefty fine. Therefore, players that don’t fall in the required age group will be blocked. The banning usually happens after the submission process, where the site recognizes the user as a minor.

Double account

A double account can happen due to a mistake. However, multiple accounts from the same IP address can get banned. Also, an account can get banned if there are numerous users from the same household.

Can you get banned for winning?

Some might spread rumors that winning large sums might get you banned. However, this isn’t the case. If a casino restricts a user for this purpose, they risk their reputation. In the online world, news spreads quickly. Players will spread the word that they have been banned for these reasons, and the site will be avoided due to such practices.

Every online casino is obligated to pay you the amount. They won’t have any gains if they ban their loyal users, so this scenario is unlikely to happen. Instead, casinos will praise your excellent performance by displaying your wins to motivate you to keep it up.

How to recover banned casino account

Getting locked out of your account can be pretty frustrating. Losing access to the money you have earned is overwhelming, but you should have a few things on your mind. As we already mentioned previously, there are various reasons for banning an account. In some cases, it happens due to an error. Keep the anger away and identify the root of the problem. The reason can be an oversight during the verification process. Therefore, the first thing you should do is contact customer service. Every reputable casino has customer support that would be more than happy to assist you. They can resolve minor problems or mistakes to restore your account.

How do you know that you have been banned? Every site will let you know that your account is banned. You will receive a notification or an email stating that your account has been blocked.

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