Things to do when your train journey is delayed


Sadly, a delayed train is something of a national standard in the UK. It happens so often it has almost become the norm. Whether it is because of a fault on the line or leaves blowing in the wrong direction, you can almost guarantee that somewhere there is a train that is delayed.

Therefore, you may be “lucky” and have the opportunity of getting a bus replacement service, and therefore enjoy the ability to be stuck in traffic rather than sat on a cold platform and in these circumstances, you may feel that at least you can keep warm and have slightly different scenery on your way to make your next train connection.

Surf social media

When it comes to finding something to do, social media never fails to step up to the plate and offer delicious morsels to take your mind off of what is happening with you and show you what is happening to other people.

Whether you are looking at your friends or family’s posts and reading or seeing what is going on in their lives or whether you are watching videos of animals (or people for that matter) behaving badly, but in a funny, cute way – the entertainment is just there to be watched and could very well have you chuckling to yourself, making your wait for the train not quite as tiresome as it could be.

Enjoy some time gaming

You may wish to spend this time immersed in an online game. Games have a great way of taking a player’s attention and making it seem like time has flown by. This is something that you may find you want to happen while waiting on a cold, uninviting train platform and it certainly beats staring at your watch or the clock hanging from the station ceiling.

If you feel that online games will not hold your attention enough to make the time fly, perhaps you should try a different type of gaming to that which you may have tried before. Adult games such as online roulette could be your answer, and if not, then the site that hosts these types of adult games has plenty of others that could float your boat until your train decides to appear.

Plan your evening meal

Undoubtedly, if your train is late getting to the station, you will be late home too, so it stands to reason that unless you are really organised and have a meal waiting for you in the fridge or the freezer, or you are lucky enough to have someone at home preparing your evening meal while you wait on the cold platform, you are going to have to rethink your evening meal options to something a bit faster than what you were going to fix yourself.

This is where the immensely convenient fast-food outlet comes in very handy, and with the help of your mobile phone (once you are on the train and have an idea of when you are going to get either home or to the fast-food outlet of your choice) you will be able to ring ahead and place your order so that your food will be ready to eat as soon as you are.

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