How Filip Boksa started BookingKoala, home to thousands of entrepreneurs.

Filip Boksa
Filip Boksa

Isn’t it incredible to know and learn about all those people, especially individuals from the younger brigade who go beyond boundaries in their industries to inspire greatness? Well, there are innumerable such talented beings across sectors of the world, but a few among them rise and shine brighter than others for reasons more than one. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such incredible young talent named Filip Boksa, who believed in his visions in software and entrepreneurship and thus attained them by creating something as amazing as BookingKoala, his software company based in the Greater Chicago Area, the US.

The Polish entrepreneur was born in 1993 and later moved to the US with his parents. He dropped out of his sophomore year in college when his first business took off to focus on growing his company. Filip Boksa had started King of Maids at the age of 19 with his best friend from high school with a combined investment of $6,000 and by the age of 22 scaled the business to over $5,000,000. When he co-founded BookingKoala with the developer, who built King of Maids’ software, he realized there was a surge in demand for software, which ultimately motivated him to turn it into his business. BookingKoala today has grown as a one-of-a-kind software company which is home to thousands of entrepreneurs. The team at the company is focused on turning the SaaS into a Unicorn without taking any capital from outside.

He loves running his software company and feels proud when customers appreciate the product, they have created that helps them and their businesses grow, offering convenience, which helps in improving their lives. The robust team at BookingKoala is driven to offer the best platform to help people grow their service business. With its extensive range of features, Filip Boksa’s company has motivated customers to start a service and compete with multi-million-dollar brands in just seconds.

Right now, Filip Boksa (@filipboksa) is putting all his efforts into BookingKoala and making sure it becomes the best product in the industry. For other budding talents out there, Filip Boksa wants to tell them that working hard and showing up daily should never be an option but a choice for all those who wish to win in life. Every day is a learning experience, which goes ahead in turning people into refined professionals in their fields.

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