YouTube Star Alexis Ricordi Is Showing His Fans He’s More Than A Content Creator & Plans To Release New Music


Content creator Alexis Ricordi has made an impact on the digital space. You’ve probably seen him in several YouTube videos with members of Prime Capitol Entertainment, such as Kyle Godfrey, Andreas Eskander, DK Money, to name a few.

If you’re a true fan of Ricordi, you probably had seen him completing spicy wing challenges when he first started his YouTube page. Considering Ricordi started his YouTube journey almost two years ago, he’s been making a name for himself.

He won the YouTube Creator Award for surpassing 100K subscribers. “Anyone who works in a creative field knows that the creative’s curse is to gaslight your work and feel it’s never good enough. Being able to develop a fan base of more than one hundred thousand people was such an amazing feeling,” said Ricordi.

His road to becoming a content creator wasn’t necessarily on a whim. Ricordi attended one of Canada’s prestigious universities, Western University in London, ON, to pursue a career in Actuarial Science. Going to university like most students in their late teens, you’re unsure of your career path. Secondly, you may have felt the pressure from your parents to attend post-secondary.

“A big part of why I went to school to be an actuary is because of the way I was raised and the definition of success that it carved into my brain,” said Ricordi.

Ricordi, deep down, knew there was more to what he had to offer to the world. Knowing deep down inside, he had a creative side because of his upbringing. Ricordi’s Peruvian heritage and listening to salsa at a young age, listening to the radio and watching pop culture TV shows like MTV, Ricordi decided to drop out of school.

“Honestly, I felt I was doing things for others’ approval and not for my enjoyment. I realized that if I want to enjoy my life, I need to live for myself and not for what other people want from me,” Ricordi said.

Being the risk-taker he is, Ricordi quit his actuarial job in hopes of starting a SME consulting firm with his childhood friend Andreas. He lived two hours away from Toronto. Moving in with Andreas was the catalyst towards Ricordi’s YouTubing career, where he was able to meet other YouTubers. Little did Ricordi know, he would be living and collaborating in the future with none other than Kyle Godfrey, aka Stromedy. Godfrey’s “content creation” house taught Ricordi the ins and outs of the business. It allowed Ricordi’s creativity to flow, which is essential for any content creator.

The idea of creating a space for creatives has inspired Ricordi to start his own company, ARB Creative Inc. His company allows in-house talent to discover and assist up-and-coming artists from Toronto. Ricordi knows firsthand what it feels like not knowing how to start your own business and how vital mentorship in the creative space means for those starting.

Ricordi’s creativity does not only steam behind the camera lens, but he’s also a musician. He proudly thanks Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar for inspiring him because they do a great job telling a story with their music. Music for Ricordi has played an essential role in his life. He considers making music therapeutic because it allows him to express his emotions.

“Music for me is like a sounding board, a way to talk myself through how I’m feeling, and help me understand and solve roadblocks in my life. It’s almost as if something takes over me, and my subconscious mind takes over and writes the music,” Ricordi said.

Fans of Ricordi will get a taste of his music when he releases his first EP titled “Honestly,” which is set to hit the airwaves on May 13th. The EP will feature seven songs that explore his “experiences in relationships, friendships and family. Naming his EP “Honestly” can be best described as Ricordi’s way of being humanistic, vulnerable and honest about his personal life and experiences. He hopes his music can allow his listeners to accept and feel their emotions, which can be hard for young people.

Nonetheless, Ricordi’s presence across social media and his story has inspired younger content creators to take a leap of faith. The road to success isn’t easy, nor is becoming a famous YouTuber or TikTokker. However, Ricordi’s road to success, which he admits as cliche as it sounds, was all about “believing in yourself and never giving up.”

“You need to run into life headfirst with no expectations. As long as you always give 100% in everything you do, then how can you fail? You’ve only lost when you stop trying, and I think the internet has made people forget that life only happens outside of your comfort zone.”

Media details:  

Youtube: Alexis Ricordi

Instagram: @itsalexisricordi

Tik Tok: itsalexisricordi


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