Arman Arzumanyan on How Crypto Overturns Traditional Ways of Transacting

Arman Arzumanyan

Cryptocurrency is a booming market right now. There are over 300 million people worldwide using crypto around the world, making up 3.9% of the population. Will these numbers continue to increase as crypto changes the world around us? Arman Arzumanyan thinks so.

Crypto has several advantages for making online transactions. “Crypto is overturning the ways we make our transactions all over the world,” says Arman Arzumanyan. “Soon, we’ll be using it to make transactions instead of traditional banks.” Why is this? First, money will exchange hands much faster than it does with traditional banks. You no longer have to worry about long transfer times or hidden fees from your bank. Wire transfers cost money, and standard ways to send money like Venmo require you to have a bank account. There’s also less need for verification of your identity before cash is sent or received when you use crypto. “Money sent through the blockchain isn’t traceable,” says Arman. “This may seem like it’s dangerous from a law enforcement perspective, but it simply makes sure that transactions aren’t watched or exploited.” The anonymity of the blockchain allows people to make money doing things that might need to be paid for under the radar, like sex work or private investments.

Arman Arzumanyan is an investor in the crypto space. He ran several different business ventures before deciding on crypto trading as his main form of investment. He sees cryptocurrency as much more than a trend. He is so sure that crypto is taking off that he’s given most of his attention to the platform. “We’re moving forward towards NFTs, the metaverse, and crypto being the law of the land,” he says. “I want to be at the front of this revolution.”

If you’re interested in cryptocurrency and the blockchain, there’s never been a better time to start. Just like Arman Arzumanyan’s personal experience, you too could have one that convinces you that this technology is the future of our world.

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