Tariq Khan is a man with multiple talents high ambitions who thrives for success.

Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan

Whatever Tariq Khan sets his heart to, he achieves it with talent, consistency, and dedication.

When India encountered the pandemic in 2020, people began spending more time on social media. While most of the world was scrolling through their feed on social media platforms, there was one man who was creating a sensation with his viral content- Tariq Khan.

Tariq was born in Mumbai and raised in Lucknow- the city of Nawabs. Tariq completed his schooling at Lucknow Cathedral School and pursued higher education at Amity University.

Tariq’s love for acting grew ever since he was a child. He decided to use the lockdown to his benefit and began making super entertaining content on social media. He gained popularity over time, and today, he has 20.8K followers on Instagram.

He got first opportunity to showcase his talent in a music video, ‘She’s Too Much‘ by Bella and Prod Patang. The video premiered on October 4, 2021, and received more than 90K views at lightning speed. From here, he got the exposure he needed to grow in the direction his heart desired since childhood.

To pursue a career in the glamour industry is a dream come true for Tariq. He worked consistently with determination, day and night, to make his dream a reality. Today, Tariq Khan is an actor, influencer, and owner of a well-reputed business based in Lucknow- Bombay Lamp Shades.

Bombay Lamp Shades, located in Aminabad, provides an exclusive quality of products for every occasion. It is a 25-year-old business that has earned its goodwill all across Lucknow. Aesthetic lampshades for Diwali celebrations, portico décor, gallery designing, or hallway adornment are available for purchase at reasonable prices. Tariq adds, “Not only are we expanding the business in terms of customers but also in the back end- by bringing elite quality articles from foreign countries and different parts of India to Lucknow- for our people to have access to the superior quality of lampshades.

Apart from being an actor, influencer, and businessman, he is also a fitness buff and treats his health and fitness as a top priority in his everyday routine. When asked about his other hobbies, he said, “Travelling is one of my favorite hobbies, and London is personally my most treasured travel destination.” He enjoys watching football and is a diehard of Lionel Messi.

Currently, Tariq’s net worth is approximately ₹50 Lakhs.

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