Tariq Khan: An multi-faceted professional spreading his magic as an Instagram Influencer, Actor and Businessman.

Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan

The world has witnessed the humongous rise of digitalization and emergence of social media sector and platforms. Today almost everyone is on social media wide spreading their reach and connecting with millions across the globe. With many diverse social media platforms gaining much needed momentum, different businesses and industries too have cashed upon the opportunity to make it an reliable base, tool and platform to generate business and profitability. By this we can see an array of many different social media influencers, actors, music artists and more announcing themselves in style and showcasing their talent in front of the world. These talented professionals have grabbed the right opportunity by opening a pool of countless possibilities which has helped them strive and grow faster. We came across one such rising superstar of today’s generation, proving his prowess as an successful businessman, an key Instagram influencer, and talented actor, Tariq Khan.

Tariq Khan was born in Mumbai and brought up in Lucknow. With immense inclination towards the entrepreneurial world, Tariq pushed many boundaries to establish himself as an successful businessman. He owns “ Bombay Lamp Shades” which is an integrated luxurious lightening store with all kinds of lightening solutions. With the digital sector along with the social media realm becoming more popular among masses, Tariq became an key and instrumental Instagram Influencer specializing in the field of entertainment and comedy. His reels on Instagram have been massive hit among millions. He has garnered more than 20K+ followers on Instagram which are growing day by day. Tariq is also an talented actor, he has recently featured in an music video “She’s Too Much,” which is in collaboration with music artist M-Zee Bella and FHigh Music. The release of this music video has sent waves in the entertainment industry which has attained many millions of views and comments already on YouTube. This music video is also streamed across all other major portals like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YT Music, and JioSaavn which has enthralled millions of listeners across the world.

With an objective of providing something unique and different to the audiences, Tariq has been working diligently hard to hone his overall skills and expertise. With many more exciting projects under his belt, Tariq is excited and geared up to present again something new to audiences and his followers. For more details do follow him on Instagram @tariq_khan0001.


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