One to Watch: Why Justin Borbe (@igjustin) Should Be On Your Follow List Today

Justin Borbe
Justin Borbe

In a world of over-filtered, inauthentic, and deceptively curated Instagram accounts, the rare and refreshing authenticity of Justin Borbe – known as @igjustin on Instagram – is one you need to click ‘follow’ on.

An influencer’s feed is one thing, but their identity is often another entirely. So, to really get down to the root of who Justin Borle is, we sat down for an interview to see if we could pick apart the man from the IG brand.

Who’s Justin

Based out of New York, Justin started fashion blogging around five years ago. His page focuses on the things he’s passionate about, rather than exclusively focusing on one niche industry or area.

“I feel sometimes when everyone does one thing, I do the opposite sometimes. On Instagram, they say you have to be very specific in your niche- if fashion, then only fashion. But I like sharing things that I am passionate about, whatever that may be, fashion, travel, lifestyle, photography,” he says.

Unlike a lot of modern influencers, Justin’s goal isn’t the number of followers or ‘like’ count on his feed. Rather, he focuses on sharing what interests him and developing connections with his audience, whomever that may be: “I think people have the wrong mindset of becoming famous or making money. In my mind, I like to consider my audience as friends. And I still treat my page as a hobby. If someone goes to my page, and they want to be there with me and on my journey then I’m grateful.”

This refreshing outlook on what it means to be an influencer is a theme that carries on in most of Justin’s content, as well.

So what can you expect from Justin with a “follow”?

What You’ll Get From @igjustin 

Unfiltered and authentic passion runs rampant across @igjustin.

No dramatic face-warping or color shifting can be found anywhere across his feed- a new, refreshing look in contrast to most modern feeds today.

Followers will get a clear, distinct feel for the realness of his passions and interests. Perfectly timed shots of Brooklyn Bridge and other New York gems, stylish and casual men’s fashion inspiration, some genuine brand collaborations and recommendations, travel to new and interesting locales both stateside and abroad, and explorations with his photography are all breathtakingly shared throughout the grid.

Not to mention, captions that you’ll actually enjoy reading. None of those irrelevant, unrelatable musings from someone with no life experience. Justin’s captions feature a range of brevity, wit, and insight that draws the reader in and builds a connection rather than acts as a placeholder.

With an authentic vibe and real content, it begs the question: why? Justin has an answer for that too! “I hope to inspire others by continuing to create value in my platform and showcasing my vision. And the audience can follow along with what I do, the places that I visit, the style that I’m currently into. I’m happy when I see other people enjoying and wanting to continue following along with me on my journey. We just learn and grow from each other.”

What’s Next for Justin

Content creation is an ever-fluctuating beast, and one that requires time, commitment, and a knack for getting ahead of the trends.

But, Justin’s ready for what’s ahead and continues to see growth with his brand and page: “You have to adapt with the times. Maybe you need to change things up, do videos, learn new techniques, get new equipment or software. It’s part of the industry, part of the game. It can’t be too easy, and there will always be some challenges here and there.”

The content creator is ready for whatever’s next but knows to stay committed to his identity and the brand he’s developed for himself online. In addition to growing his brand partnerships, he has sights set on the horizon, “I can’t predict the future, but I’m sure it’s even better than now! I’m also working on other things – developing and establishing a page where I’m the curator. It seems to have a lot of potential and I’m excited about that!”

If you’re looking for engaging luxury lifestyle content, inspiration and motivation, and an authentic feed – just give @igjustin a follow!

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