Dark Politics launch fact-checking and news verification services in Kuwait


    Dark Politics the company specialized in political and media consultancy services has launched its unique facts checking service to verify Kuwait’s political and public economic news that is being distributed across social media and via online news services.

    The company revealed in a public statement that these facts checking, and verification service aims to correct common inaccuracies, fake news, rumors and misleading news, published by online news media. They also revealed that this service is the first of its kind, and its focus is on the local political events and public figures statements.

    The company mentioned that their aim is to correct false political and economic news spread across the online Kuwaiti media, and to bring back the public audience towards the truth by confirming and correcting the published content. This responsible move by the company was taken to create a positive impact on the widely spread social media channel which is considered by most of the community as the source of information.

    The company also stated that online news services play a great role in supporting the democracy in Kuwait. However, some of these services tend to publish unconfirmed news without verification to get a scoop which negatively affects the public’s trust in the political and economic elite.

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