Inventor and Author Jorge V. Gonzalez Sheds Light on His Groundbreaking Invention That Can Help Players Swing for the Fences

Jorge V. Gonzalez
Jorge V. Gonzalez

The Batting Pro” is a revolutionary invention by Jorge V. Gonzalez designed as a training aid for beginners to improve muscle memory for baseball and softball. A chance witness of a Dodger game and a sudden passion motivated Jorge’s daughter to pursue a career in the sport. Her dad being a supportive parent, was ready to fulfill her dreams. 

The mastermind behind this training aid, Jorge, came up with the idea to build a structure. With the improvisation and modification, The Batting Pro became one of the best tools to learn baseball or softball for his daughter.

Jorge is a real estate agent by profession. He works at Keller Williams Realty to help families and individuals build their generational wealth through his consultation. Other than that, Jorge is also a motivational speaker and author of the international best-selling book “Answer the Call: Life Lessons From Family Origins Through Invention and Struggle,” available on Amazon Kindle. 

The book includes all the life stories and details about Jorge’s life and how one can find satisfaction by finding their purpose and God’s gifted talents. With a background experience in the warehouse distribution and logistics industry of 20 years, Jorge explains his emotional journey as a disabled person. He overcame hardships and took every failure as a lesson to move forward. 

When asked for his secret to success, the inventor said he found solace in helping others and bringing hope to them through his words. With the growing popularity on social media, he decided that he should promote his equipment to others worldwide who are struggling to learn baseball and softball. In fact, there is a separate Instagram account @thebattingpro to help others familiarize themselves with the invention. 

Jorge became an Instagram influencer to promote his invention and help others find purpose in life. @jorge_v_gonzalez posts regular quotes by him to motivate his followers to overcome hurdles in life. 

It is truly fascinating to see how a logistics professional went from becoming an inventor, to a real estate agent, to an author and social media influencer. Life is like traveling around the world on a hot air balloon; you never know where you will end up landing. So, always have a positive lookout in life, and Jorge learned this the hard way. 

@jorge_v_gonzalez is now using his success as a privilege to help others achieve it. He believes that every individual has a talent gifted by God that is their purpose in life. For Jorge, it is to continue his family’s legacy as a first-generation Mexican-American. 

As a successful inventor and author, Jorge wants to trigger others to answer their life’s calling. He says, “I only wish that I could reach more people faster as I know how badly people need to be motivated and inspired so they too can live a life with purpose.”

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