Read The Success Story of Author Kendra Conyers in Her Book, ‘Vitamin K: A Dose a Day: A 40-Day Devotional’

Kendra Conyers
Kendra Conyers

Professional and life-changing books are worth every penny. ‘Vitamin K: A Dose a Day: A 40-Day Devotional’ by Kendra Conyers is an empowering and encouraging book that breaks down part of her story into daily lessons for young girls. It features life stories and examples to teach young readers about ambitions and success, especially girls and young women. The book indulges in an adventurous and enlightening experience for 40 days of devotion. 

Life brings many hardships and failures that demotivate us or make us feel helpless. For Kendra, life was never easy, but her optimistic personality faced those challenges with confidence. Growing up in Germany and then moving to Fayetteville, NC, she saw the world from a different light than others. Kendra’s search for purpose landed her in various professions like acting for commercials, independent films, and TV shows, but she was captivated by real estate. While doing her 9-5 job, she would sit in her cubicle and search for homes on Zillow during her free time. 

Her passion for real estate brought her back to North Carolina from Atlanta; to earn a license and practice as a broker in the city. Kendra sold 66 homes by her 2nd anniversary as an agent and built a real estate firm; she wanted to be the marker of her own destiny. By God’s Grace and efforts, she became a successful realtor in the community. 

Her unique counseling approach to meeting with clients and closing deals has impressed many to work with her. Kendra has won Selling Agent of the Year for her efforts, and she was listed in the top 100 North Carolina Realtors on social media in 2020. 

Kendra is truly an inspirational figure for women across ethnicities. Her book features empowerment for young girls and young women through her personal struggles. It teaches a lesson per day for 40 days to the reader. Accepting her failures, Kendra says, “Everything happens for a reason. Good, bad, or indifferent. There was a lesson to learn in the loss, so it’s not really a loss, just a lesson learned.” The book begins with a story and ends with a story. You can buy the book from Kendra’s Instagram, Amazon Kindle, or you can order a physical copy from Amazon as well. 

Kendra also donates funds to non-profit organizations to empower women and educate young girls. She is also the founder of Girls Grace Foundation, Inc. and ‘She Became Women’s Ministry.’ The ministry gathers women for morning prayers and sister meetings while the foundation mentors young girls to become future world leaders. 

Author Kendra is slowly revolutionizing and leading the young generation towards the right path through her firm, foundation, and ministry. In the book, she says, “Be gentle with your growth, as you evolve from a caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly God already predestined you to be.”

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