Home renovations to add value to your property

Preparing your home for Summer

No matter whether you’re a property investor hoping to extend your portfolio or you’re simply looking to move on to pastures new, selling a house can be a challenge. In today’s fierce market, you have to fight to stand out from the competition, so it’s worth assessing your property and exploring what you could do to increase its value.

Home renovations are an excellent way to make your house more attractive to a buyer, while increasing the amount potential buyers would be willing to pay for it. From converting the loft to adding an extension to the home, there are plenty of renovation options that can help you achieve a more desirable property.

Here, we explore a few options for home renovations to add value to your house.

Loft conversion

The loft is a part of the house which is rarely used, except perhaps for storing all the junk you’ve been meaning to take to the charity shop, but haven’t quite got around to sorting. Converting a loft into an extra room can be a great way to add value to your home, as well as make it more attractive to potential buyers.

You’ll need to upgrade the interior of the space by investing in good quality carpet and adding VELUX windows to ensure your converted loft gets plenty of natural light.


An extension will result in your home being bigger than it was originally and thus offering an extra room or more storage space. When correctly executed, this could encourage potential buyers to make higher offers than they might otherwise have made.

There are a range of different options when it comes to adding an extension. You could opt for a side extension for a conservatory, a wrap-around extension to increase your living space or even a double-storey extension if you want a significant amount of extra room. Be sure to check whether your extension requires planning permission before you book any work in.

Kitchen renovations

Potential buyers will be much more likely to find your home appealing if it has modern fixtures and décor. A modern kitchen is sure to make your house more desirable, as the appliances will be more likely to function correctly and the chance of there being issues such as faulty wiring is much lower than that of a home which has an older style kitchen.

Garden renovations

The addition of a deck or patio to your garden could increase its value, as well as make it more appealing to a potential buyer. Many people are keen to have outdoor space at home for entertaining, so if your space allows it, creating an area in the garden that would be suitable for hosting could go a long way to making your property more attractive and encourage buyers to make a higher offer than they would on a house with a plain grass garden.

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