The inside Story of Khaled Ayesh and his Entrepreneurial Journey


Born in Jordan 27 years ago, Khaled Ayesh is a gold and bitcoin entrepreneur based in Berlin, Germany. He founded Ankhfx, an institute specialized in skilling gold and bitcoin traders to give them the upper edge to help them win in the market.

Passionate about his family, Khaled loves spending time with his wife and daughter being able to eat great food and travel to beautiful destinations. With a flexible work schedule, he is not limited by geography or time and on average finds himself working one to two hours a day and spending the rest of it with his family.

Because he can directly influence how much he earns, Khaled Ayesh has more power and control over his future. With a supportive team assigned designated tasks, he can plan and delegate allowing him the freedom to take a break and explore other opportunities.

Khaled does not believe in having debts or funding from external sources and it is for that reason that both his trading account and Ankhfx institute are personally funded by him. He strongly emphasizes that a highly skilled trader will not find the need to solicit funds from elsewhere. Seeking to control his life, Khaled embraced the spirit of entrepreneurship.

As a result of personal experience, Khaled Ayesh noticed business challenges that required business-related solutions from age of 21, inspiring him to rise to the challenge of filling the gap when it presented itself. He trains and skills gold and bitcoin traders and his students successively practice what they have been taught and can see results in near real-time.

Currently, Khaled’s key venture is the Ankhfx institute however he also has a project called Upzero in the works. He is changing the lives of traders through his Ankh institute. Ankh is an ancient Egyptian word interpreted as the key to life. It is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol. Having been a big fan of history as far as he can remember, he found Ankhfx to be the ideal name for his gold trading venture.

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