Dental Services ProMax Clinic by Dr. Evelyn Cifuentes pushes the dental industry’s growth in multiple ways.


    Dental Services ProMax Clinic has introduced a cutting-edge Aligner system, which cuts out the need to wear braces.

    The more closely we look around ourselves, the far better we understand how things around us have been changing rapidly, especially in the medical world, which has so far brought some incredible innovations, ultimately revolutionizing the industry as a whole. Particularly the dentistry space is one, which has produced some incredible minds and souls who have pushed the envelope and created treatments that could grow the industry further. Dr. Evelyn Cifuentes did the same when she started her dental clinic named Dental Services ProMax Clinic, with the clear vision to provide each of her patients with the industry-best treatments and something that can make things convenient for them like introducing an Aligner system, cutting out the need to wear braces.

    Throwing light on what are dental clear aligners, Dr. Evelyn Cifuentes says that they are like transparent trays made from a special material. They are used for straightening teeth, just like braces did so far. They use a constant and gentle force to move the teeth in the required position without needing patients to wear brackets and metal wires. She introduced the Aligner system to get people rid of any hassles of braces as the system is practically comfortable, invisible, crystallized, and hygienic and makes future treatment to be of great quality and quick. The aligners are custom-made for each patient and designed in a certain way to move the teeth in the desired direction slowly.

    As the creator and Founder of Dental Services ProMax Clinic, Dr. Evelyn Cifuentes ensured to completely re-innovate her clinic to make dental clear aligners for resolving mild to moderate cases in a short time like conventional metal braces. Her clinic consists of a competent medical staff that possesses empathy. Being ethical and responsible with each of their patients has allowed them to provide personalized attention to them, resulting in millions of successful cases so far. She has created an avant-garde clinic with experience and wide knowledge in all the dentistry areas and consequently provides a warranty in each one of the treatments.

    The dental alignment without braces is similar to Invisalign, highlights the ace dentist. They are ready to launch the Aligner experience soon. Creating her own dental alignment system, Dr. Evelyn Cifuentes has taken her clinic to the #1 spot in the industry.

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