Gil Rabbi makes Garnering Consumer Attention Easier Than Ever

Gil Rabbi
Gil Rabbi

Digital content is king and interaction is its currency. Everyone has a presence online and with so much traffic going through the digital space daily, it’s no wonder that companies are vying for a piece of their consumers’ mental bandwidth. Strategies and marketing techniques abound to draw people in and capture their attention. But among the myriad of options, a new contender has surfaced, making waves, and changing the game.

Gil Rabbi is a natural creative who became fascinated with coding from an early age. He enjoyed creating visually pleasing digital aspects and learned to do so through code. Gil soon discovered the utility of coding as well, putting it to practical use to meet needs and simplify processes. “It swept me away when I realized this power I have to make others’ lives simpler or better using technology,” says Gil.

His team was approached by a broadcasting company in Israel in 2014, asking them to create an interactive live debut for a new technology that would capture the attention of viewers and boost interaction. It was a rush for Gil and his team to come up with something, given only a few days to prepare. His idea was wildly successful, garnering the attention of hundreds of thousands of users. The success of this launch birthed the idea of customized interactive technology that could be used by a wide variety of businesses and platforms.

Gil Rabbi later went on to develop Storycards, an interactive AI digital product aimed at capturing the attention of consumers and increasing interaction, while also providing real-time feedback regarding consumer behavior. Storycards doesn’t require any coding knowledge to implement and the AI aspect allows the program to adjust according to the consumers’ interactions with the interfaces.

Gil Rabbi’s product, Storycards, is one-of-a-kind and offers a unique solution for businesses. Its prestige got him added to the 40 under Forty list in 2018. Storycards allows companies to better understand consumers and bring content in a way that resonates with their audiences. “All the products I have created to date have been created because I have seen that they are needed.” Rabbi expects products geared toward increasing engagement to become the new focus for marketing, and he is already at the helm.

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