Zale Solar’s Viral-Ads Create Leads For Solar Clients


    Known for their eye-catching and highly engaging advertisements, Zale Solar, a digital marketing agency for the solar industry, has cracked the code on creating ads that produce an ROI. The agency advertises for its clients across Facebook, Youtube, and other popular platforms for a one-time fee and for a lifetime. They say their advertisements will add  3-5 deals to your pipeline per month, with every deal meeting a credit, budget and timeframe criteria with the option of adding your standards every sale must reach. As long as you want your ads running, Zale Solar will create, launch and optimize them on your behalf, so you continuously see deals added to your pipeline. Of course, you cover ad spend, but this is far more approachable for many, unlike the typical agency retainer model. Zale Solar aren’t only known for their advertisements but their merit. They are premier marketing partners of Google, Facebook marketing partners, and Linkedin pro finders, merits only stout advertisers receive.

    Their advertisements fall under their innovative In-Market Prospect Latching Technology™, the trademarked technology the agency uses to find and latch onto motivated prospects actively looking for your services. Ultimately leads are the life source of every business, no leads, no sales, no profit, late bills, closure. Every business wants a steady stream, and solar companies are no different. With politics, scientists, corporations pushing going green, there’s enormous demand from homeowners, businesses and just about anyone with a building to put solar on to do their part and take advantage of the economic benefits. Meeting a battle for deals daily with new solar providers arising from the ashes to cash in on the big boom. Without stout advertising, you’re either a perfect cold caller, have referrals left, right and centre, or you could do with leads coming to you passively. Zale Solar feeds its 60 employees on their ability to make consistent leads a reality passively. For that reason, Zale Solar is on the radar of those seeking more leads and marketers looking to copycat and cash in.

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