Masood Wahab Found His Life’s Purpose through His Humanitarian Efforts


    Do what one wants to do or what must be done? How to differentiate one from the other? Should there be a difference between the two? These were some of the questions that realtor-philanthropist Masood Wahab heard in his heart when he started to wonder about his true goal in life. It wasn’t until he started the charitable organisation Mission 1 World that he could give those questions a rest. Let’s see how Masood found his purpose through his humanitarian work. 

    They say a true word of prayer is the best self-healing potion we have. One more noble way is to help those in need. If you have ever extended a helping hand to someone, you know that your positive action lightened your heart. It felt right. Many people have reported that they felt ‘lifted’ after helping someone who needed help. This was also Masood Wahab’s experience with his humanitarian work. He says, “I had found a peace I had not known before. It felt like I had found my true purpose. I wanted to help those with little to no access to life’s basic requirements, such as clean drinking water and shelter. There’s a spiritual aspect to helping others. It empowers you to appreciate the hand that life dealt you.” 

    It was a spiritual awakening of sorts for Masood. His philanthropic work brought him the kind of joy and peace that is there for us to experience but we don’t even know. He adds, “When I find myself able to help someone in need, I immediately become grateful to those who lent me a hand when I needed help. I may not have recognized it then, but somehow, magically, help was always there. It brought me the humility I needed to carry on with my humanitarian work.” 

    The joy derived by Masood Wahab in helping others fulfill their basic human needs is inspiring indeed. 

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