Exclusive interview with Kasra Mehdipournejad about martial arts


Kasra Mehdipournejad, the international taekwondo champion, explains special points to us about the world competitions in this field. He has won many medals in recent years and has won numerous honors in this field, such as winning five medals in 2018 and two medals in 2019 in international competitions. He has a special reputation and position in international and world competitions, and many coaches and taekwondo practitioners consider him a tough competitor in the field of Taekwondo.

We recently had an interview with this famous athlete to ask him about his success in sports.

What do you think sets an athlete apart from other people?

He replied: “Athletes dedicate their whole lives to training and competitions so that they can make people happy with the honors they achieve.” He added: “People are the main and vital factor for athletes to achieve honors, because if people were not interested, athletes might never have been motivated to participate in international competitions.”

What is the attitude of people towards the sport of Taekwondo?

In response to this question, he said: “During my years of activity in Taekwondo, I came to the conclusion that people may not be very interested in martial arts and do not pursue it, but in important competitions such as the Olympics and World Championships, we see that people follow the honors and medals of their country’s players. But in other competitions, people are not very interested in following Taekwondo.

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of martial arts?

In my opinion, the greatest feature of sports, especially Taekwondo, is that it strengthens the human body and soul, and humans can control themselves in the difficulties. If athletes feel uncomfortable, they can make themselves feel happy after training. In my opinion, one of the important features of martial arts is the strengthening of the human soul and body.

He added that when I was at the World Championships in Poland, I was very anxious and overwhelmed by stress, but by constantly training in that tournament, I was able to get rid of bad feelings and continue my goal, because training gives athletes the desire to win. Gives and creates a valuable motivation for them.

What did you learn from the sport of Taekwondo that you have used in your life?

When I wake up and start my day, I schedule it in the beginning of the morning. This behavior has been taken from my regular exercises in recent years. If you look at the lives of successful athletes who have won various medals at international competitions, including the Olympics and World Cups, you will find that they have a discipline in their daily lives, in their training, and in their sleep.

The above conversation is part of an interview with Kasra Mehdipournejad, the Iranian champion of several taekwondo competitions with many medals in international competitions, the full video of this interview can be found by searching the Internet.

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