Dr. Kumar B.G is on a mission to inspire the youth with his travel photography.

Dr. Kumar B.G
Dr. Kumar B.G

Having a successful life doesn’t simply mean achievements and prosperity, rather it is about having memorable voyages to cherish for a lifetime . Dr. Kumar B.G is one such eminent personality who has inspired several people including the nation’s youth with his success story. After completion of his education, he pursued his love for being the change in society and today he is a doctor who works his fingers to the bone to ensure that his patients are safe.

This doctor is also known to the world as an incredible travel photographer. Egypt, USA, Kenya, Bali and the Maldives are some of the places he has been till date. On asking further about his travel escapades he says, “ Every time I visit a new place, it brought a new experience with it.  Every place has something different to offer, be it the people or the culture.” Adding to it, Dr. Kumar also admitted that the lessons about life one gets from traveling won’t be taught in any educational institution and are thus invaluable.

His journey reflects that to live your life the way you want, you don’t  need only degrees and money, but more of passion and hard work. As a doctor, especially during covid times, managing both his profession and passion is challenging. He says, “As we all know, the cases have started surging again and it wasn’t something unexpected. So as a responsible doctor, I am prepared to tackle it and help people in every way possible. But with all these, I am not going to forget my passion for traveling and photography.” He also admitted that people can expect more photographs coming right up on his social media handle which is @thealphavoyager.No matter how tough times may get, it is safe to say that Dr. Kumar B.G’s optimistic spirit and inspirational story are something that will always help us to cope with the difficult times ahead .

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