Tiki Madman Lists the 3 Most Important Criteria That Impacted Brand Growth in 2021


The only thing more difficult than starting a business is maintaining its upward curve. However, with a few timely and efficient permutations and combinations, brands can survive in this vast entrepreneurial ocean. Tiki Madman, one of America’s most popular CBD seed producers, lists the 3 most important criteria that can positively impact brand growth.

Flexible work culture Internet was changing things right from the beginning. The content was moving fast from paper to digital, and so was money. Now, thanks to the pandemic, even medicine and education have gone digital. The Internet has touched and influenced all aspects of our life. For Tiki Madman, this is a “clear indication to bring about a work culture revival. The most fundamental thing about work is that it must be done and there must be someone to do it. The fact that humans are productive only when they are inside a building designated as the office is a myth. Humans work because they are driven and motivated or at least that’s when they perform the best. Therefore, companies need to make room for remote work or a work-from-home culture.”

On-point customer service Customer service is an area that is either way too automated, and therefore often bogus or completely overlooked and inefficient. Tiki Madman believes that “improving customer service and making it real and efficient are among the top ways for companies to make a strong market impact. Employees who offer good customer service are ambassadors of a company’s work culture in some sense. Their answers, ability to help make a huge difference in how the brand is perceived.”

Collaboration The world today is all about collaboration. Influencers collaborate and create great content together. “Perhaps, brands can do the same too,” wonders Tiki Madman. Collaboration keeps the momentum of creation going. It does not let work stagnate; it creates a genuine feedback loop as all parties involved hope to benefit from the collaboration. For Tiki Madman, “this ensures that new and interesting content, products, or services not only come to be but come to be sooner than later. Of course, more often than not collaborations are breeding grounds for good stories. Everybody loves good stories, right?”

The most useful advice is the one you need right now. It’s all about creating useful content, products, and services in an interesting way, reiterates Tiki Madman.

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