National kickboxing champion Faisal Shaksheer talks about the importance of discipline in one’s life

Faisal Shaksheer
Faisal Shaksheer

From being a kid who was bullied in school to becoming a national-level kickboxing champion, Faisal Shaksheer’s life has come to full circle. His story is one of inspiration and Faisal, who is also the director of sales at Vistajet shares one crucial life lesson.

When asked about how he managed to reach the current point in his life where he has a successful corporate career and is also a renowned kickboxing athlete, Faisal shared that it was all about discipline. He says that setting goals is easy but following through requires utmost dedication and the discipline to follow through no matter how tough things get.

Faisal shares, “Discipline is doing what you know you should do when you don’t want to do it. It also involves doing things that are difficult to do when they’re easy not to do. But the good news is that discipline is always available because it’s already within you.”

He further adds, “The biggest secret about discipline is that it gets better the more you use it. The more often you follow through on your commitments, the easier it becomes. This is how I was able to achieve my dreams. I ensured that I got up and trained even on days that I felt like I wanted to quit. But eventually, it became a habit that led me to my success.”

Faisal is an avid bodybuilder and works out on a daily basis. He wants to continue to win more championships and become one of the top kickboxing athletes in the world.

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