Jamie Koufos Shares His Thought on Attaining Success


The road to success can be an incredibly long one. Whether you want to achieve personal or professional goals, committing yourself to the entire journey is essential. Results don’t happen overnight. They take time and dedication, and if you are looking for a shortcut, you won’t find one. Fitness expert and entrepreneur Jamie Koufos understands how to turn dreams into reality and explains why there are no shortcuts to success.

More famously known as Jamie K Fitness on social media, Jamie Koufos is a Melbourne-based fitness entrepreneur and influencer with a penchant for achieving long-lasting results. “At the core of my business, I help people lose fat and build muscle properly through a targeted approach,” states Koufos. “When you accomplish your fitness goals slowly over time, it is more sustainable, leading towards a more permanent change than a quick fix.”

Believing that we are all a combination of our mindset and habits, Koufos works hard to help his clients make the myriad of small changes it takes to truly reach their goals. “With fitness, it is imperative to change your mindset so that you build habits you keep,” states Koufos. “When you change your habits, you change yourself, and true weight loss takes time. If someone tells you that you can lose weight rapidly or overnight, simply walk away. Not only is it dangerous, but it won’t last.”

Taking this from fitness to life, Koufos explains that this mindset can work for any goal, whether it be related to your health or business. “How we view ourselves transfers over to how we view life in general,” says Koufos. “When we are confident, focused, hard-working, dedicated, and motivated, we apply these traits to everything we do. The important part is not to get discouraged when challenges arise. There is no avoiding the bumps in the road, but success is all about we face them.”

At the end of the day, we must have patience and trust the process, knowing that we will achieve our desired results. Koufos explains further, “if you take a shortcut, the only person you are cheating is yourself. Shortcuts lead to setbacks. Perseverance leads to results.” With an ability to look down the long road and set his clients up for success, Jamie Koufos views accomplishment as a part of life if you are willing to work for it.

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